Oklahoma Aquarium

During Pops and Gigi’s visit to Tulsa we decided to visit the Oklahoma Aquarium.  Zane, one of our nephews, came with Pops and Gigi to Tulsa and we knew the kids would all have a blast looking at some pretty cool fish.  Unfortunately, it was field trip day for several junior high schools that day at the Aquarium so the place was PACKED.  We still managed to have some fun though!

IMG 3494  1


Emma, Foster, and Zane looking at the jellyfish

IMG 3533  1


Of all of the kiddos, I think Foster was most in awe of the sea creatures!

IMG 3543

IMG 3544

IMG 3550

IMG 3579

IMG 3581

IMG 3582


Pops, Emma, Zane, and Foster

IMG 3597


Pops, Gigi, Zane, and Emma

IMG 3604


Foster, Emma, Zane, and Pops

IMG 3630

IMG 3635

Checking out the Stingray…

IMG 3650

IMG 3654


Foster LOVED the turtles!

IMG 3670

IMG 3671


Even Cash got to see the fish!

IMG 3694


Foster looking through an aquarium back at Daddy…

IMG 3695


Emma looking through a tunnel back at Daddy…

IMG 3698


Cuddle time with Pops

IMG 3703

IMG 3706

IMG 3710


IMG 3711


Playing with the alligator on the way to the car

IMG 3715

IMG 3728

IMG 3713


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