Celebration of Learning

On Friday, May 3rd, Emma’s class had their “Celebration of Learning.”  This was a very fun time for Emma and her classmates to perform and show their parents what they had learned throughout the year in both English and Chinese.  We were SO BUMMED that Robin was in Oregon and had to miss out on Emma’s special day.   Luckily, Nana took a personal day at work and was able to come.  That made Emma feel a little bit better about Daddy not being there.

The morning started in Emma’s Chinese classroom where the kids sang several songs in Chinese, they read us a book in Chinese, and they demonstrated how their class time works each day.  Emma’s teacher never spoke a word of English- only Mandarin Chinese… and the kids understood everything she was saying!  It was pretty amazing to watch!

IMG 9594


Here are the kids getting ready to perform… waiting patiently!

IMG 9531


Emma reading her Mandarin book to me

IMG 9534

IMG 9540

IMG 9546


Emma teaching Nana how to write her name in Chinese…

IMG 9551

IMG 9561


Emma with her good friend Ava.  Ava was in her pre-k class last year.

IMG 9565


They made these writings for the hallways- based on The Grouchy Ladybug… their teacher took a picture of them with a “grouchy face” and then had them write what makes them grouchy.  This cracks me up because Emma put that it makes her grouchy when her brother bites her and her brother takes her toys.  He has actual never done either of these things!  I think she copied off of a friend’s paper!

IMG 9567



IMG 9571


They had to pick an insect and research the insect with a partner.  Here is Grant and Emma’s butterfly project.

IMG 9574

IMG 9576


Getting ready to perform “The Very Hungry Kindergartner” in the English classroom

IMG 9578

IMG 9583


After the performance Mrs. McDaniel walked around while holding Cash.  She loves babies!

IMG 9585

IMG 9588


Mrs. McDaniel, Cash, and Emma

IMG 9593


Mrs. McDaniel made a slideshow for the kids including great pictures from the entire school year.  It was so awesome and we now have a copy to keep.  This has been a great year for Emma.  We feel so thankful for her teachers and her school.

IMG 9595

One thought on “Celebration of Learning

  1. It was such a treat for me to be able to attend Emma’s Celebration of Learning! …so proud of her!

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