April iphone pics

This blog post is kind of a mess.  I’m having major issues with my normal blog software so I’m giving this a try.  Pictures are all different sizes.  Oh well!  Here goes my iphone pictures from April!
 Cash’s first time in the bumbo seat- what a big boy!

Emma had to stay home from school one day because she wasn’t feeling well.  All day long she read books to Foster in her bed.  It was so so sweet!

One day we got to bring home our friends from church… Foster and Landon in the back… Aubrey and Emma in the middle.  

Emma trying on some lip gloss

Foster sitting with Daddy in big church on a Sunday nightFoster wiped out on Daddy’s lap!We got a free swingset for the kids off of Craig’s List.  We borrowed our neighbor’s truck to go pick it up.  I laughed the whole way there watching Robin drive a pick-up truck.  He just looked so funny!

 We cleaned out our garage in August and found some of the awesome heirlooms we acquired from my Dad’s tools… included were these awesome glasses with flashlights on them!During our Lubbock trip we fed the ducks at the local pond- this was Foster’s first time to get to feed the ducks!


Emma at the bus stop with good friend JayceeOne day Emma said something disrespectful to me (kinda broke my heart.)  Robin talked to her about the importance of respecting Mommy.  When I got home from work that night this letter from Emma was on the counter.  She made it without any prompting.  I’m sure we’ll have many more Mother-Daughter tense moments but I pray we always find ways to work through them!
We got a new patio poured in our backyard during April- just in time to enjoy it for Spring!  Foster LOVED watching the cement truck in front of our house!





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