Emma’s Ballet Recital

Emma’s Ballet Recital was on Sunday, May 19th.  Her rehearsal was on Saturday, May 18th.  I almost enjoy the rehearsal more because I get to watch from the edge of the stage and take pictures!  Their dance this year was a beautiful dance to the song “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins.  It was very jazzy, soulful version of the song.

Here is Emma before going to the rehearsal.

Nana helped us put Emma’s hair into a bun for both the rehearsal and the recital.  It was kind of neat- I still remember her putting my hair in a bun for my ballet recital when I was 6 years old. :)

IMG 9682

IMG 9683  1


Getting ready to go on stage

IMG 9685


Her teacher, Miss Tracie, is on the left

IMG 9691


Emma’s best friend, Aubrey, is in the foreground of this picture- this is the first time they have been in a dance class together- they loved it!

IMG 9755

IMG 9743

IMG 9765


IMG 9776


IMG 9782


Here are the girls “feeding the birds”

IMG 9796

IMG 9798

IMG 9801


Emma and Aubrey

IMG 9813

IMG 9816

IMG 9822

IMG 9823

IMG 9827

IMG 9829

IMG 9832


Flying like a bird

IMG 9847

IMG 9848

IMG 9852

IMG 9854

IMG 9856

IMG 9875


She bites her lip JUST LIKE HER MOMMY!

IMG 9880


Really concentrating on her positioning!

IMG 9891

IMG 9892

IMG 9915


IMG 9926


After Emma and Aubrey practiced they asked to stay and watch the big girls dance

IMG 9935

IMG 9940

IMG 9950

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