Emma’s big decision

April 19, 2013… a day I will never ever forget.  It was the 18th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and just a few days after the Boston Marathon bombing occured.  My Mom, Robin, and myself were watching a Dateline or 20/20 special about the two bombings.  The kids were playing outside and wondered into the living room from time to time.  I didn’t think Emma was really watching the news… but apparently she was.

After the program was over and Nana had left, I was sitting in the rocking chair checking my phone for e-mails, Facebook statuses, etc. and Emma crawled in my lap.  ”Momma, what will happen to those poor kids that died because of the bombs?”  My heart sank.  She had been watching.  I told her that the children who died were in heaven with Jesus.  She asked about heaven- what it was like and “did I want to go there when I die?”  We have had many conversations before about heaven and salvation but tonight was different.  A couple of her close friends from church have asked Jesus into their hearts and have gone forward and been baptised.  I wouldn’t say that we have “put her off” but we wanted to make sure that Emma was truly ready to accept Christ in her life and not that she was just “following the crowd.”

So the conversation continued.  Emma had a lot of questions.  I told her that when she was ready, we would pray a prayer with her and she could ask Jesus into her heart.  She said, “Momma, I did that a few weeks ago when Pastor Ted was praying in church!”  Oh my Emma… that is just so like her.  When she decides something, she just does it!  And she loves to have secrets.  Apparently this was a secret between she and God!

Robin was on the phone.  When he got off the phone I said, “We need to talk to you!” I filled him in on what we had been talking about.  He asked Emma several questions and then he and Emma decided that she would say the prayer again in her bed.  Listening to Emma say the words out loud to accept Jesus were some of the sweetest words to my ears.  It was heartfelt and sincere.

Here are a series of text messages to tell Robin’s family about Emma’s decision…

IMG 6930


IMG 7992

IMG 4495


IMG 7473


Here are a few pictures of Emma that I took that night after we talked to her, but before she prayed the prayer in her bed.  I wanted to capture her in that moment.  Just a sweet innocent, silly girl.  You could tell she was so relieved to have talked about this very important decision.  Apparently it had been on her mind for a while!

IMG 9663



IMG 9653

IMG 9659


IMG 9661

Honestly, there is no greater joy than knowing that my first born child has accepted Jesus to be the Lord of her life.  There is nothing in life that I want more for her.  The next huge step will be for her to walk down the aisle to share this news with the church and then be baptised.  We are still working up to that!

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