Emma’s Choir Program

Emma’s end of year choir program was on Wednesday, May 8th.  Judy and Nana joined Foster, Robin, Cash, and myself to watch Emma’s class perform.  The 5 year olds sang 2 songs and did a great job!  We were so happy to see Emma smiling!

Here is Emma walking in with her friends Kinley and Mackenzie

IMG 9598


You can tell that she’s feeling a little bit nervous here!

IMG 9605

IMG 9614

IMG 9616

IMG 9619

IMG 9640


IMG 9642IMG 9627

IMG 9650

We are so thankful for her awesome choir teachers this year: Miss Kari, Miss Lorie, Miss Melody, Miss Sarah, Miss Candace, and Miss Erin.  They are so fun and taught the kids so much!

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