Foster’s Last Day of School

Foster’s last day of school was on May 7th.  He has had such a great year!  He was in the oldest 3 year old class for Mother’s Day out.  His teachers told us just about every day that he is the sweetest boy ever.  They always ask if he is “perfect” at home like he is at school.  He is NOT perfect at home but I am very thankful that he is good at school!  He had a couple of good friends in his class this year- Timothy and Levi.  His class was very “girl heavy” and they were pretty wild girls!  Foster loved telling us stories about the girls every day.  Here is last day of school pic and right below it is his first day of school pic.

Photo  41


IMG 0313  1


Here are his teachers- Miss Nancy and Miss Linda- he LOVED them!

IMG 9679

We are very thankful for a great year at Redeemer!

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