Memorial Day with friends!

Each year over Memorial Day weekend we try to get together with our good friends the Kreys and the Rowes.  We all went to Baylor together- the boys were in the same fraternity and we have stayed in touch for over 13 years now post-college!

This year was our turn to host everyone at our house.  It was so much fun!  It was definitely a circus having NINE kids all under one roof, but we made lots of good memories- that’s for sure!

Here are the kiddos:

Elliott, Oliver, Emmy, Emma, Hayden, Foster, Lincoln, Hazel, and Cash

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This was everyone’s first time to meet Cash.  They wanted us to “re-enact” his birth story but we did not!  Here is Conner holding Cash!

IMG 0002


Each afternoon we tried to do a semi rest time.  Here are all of the kiddos watching the movie “Babe.”

IMG 0003


Notice that baby Cash even joined in on the movie watching- but he’s facing the wrong way!

IMG 0009


On Saturday afternoon we headed to downtown Tulsa to hang out at Guthrie Green.  Robin and I had never been but we heard that it was a fun place for families to hang out.  Tulsa’s first annual Music Festival was taking place.  Here are the kiddos right after getting there.  (Shortly after this picture we decided to move to a more shady location!)

IMG 0014


There were these really cool misters/fountains around the park.  The kids loved them.

IMG 0021

IMG 0025

IMG 0033

IMG 0037  1


Sweet baby Cash- just along for the ride.

IMG 0054


Here are the kids dancing to some music

IMG 0061  1


I don’t have a picture but the biggest hit at Guthrie Green was the food trucks!  I had amazing fish tacos.  Scott had chicken and waffles (I had never heard of such a thing before that night!)  Conner had frito pie with fried egg.  All of it was pretty yummy!

IMG 0064


There were several inflatables for the kids to play on

IMG 0082


Waiting for the Daddy’s to get the car.

IMG 0084


Attempting to get a picture of all of the kiddos on our gazebo steps!

IMG 0092


Sunday afternoon we attempted to let the kids play in the sprinklers.

IMG 0107


However, instead of playing with the sprinklers that I purchased, they opted to play in the MUD!!!  That sure was fun to clean up!  But the kids had a great time so that’s all that matters. :)

IMG 0115

IMG 0116  1

IMG 0120

IMG 0139  1

IMG 0151

IMG 0171

IMG 0175

IMG 0198


All weekend the kids entertained themselves for the most part.  The fought over the swings, played in the gazebos, and even put on a couple of plays for the parents!


IMG 0209

IMG 0224

IMG 0270  1

IMG 0273  1


IMG 0276  1

IMG 0285

IMG 0302  1


We had such a great weekend and we hope our guests did to.  There is one more baby on the way (NOT OURS!) so next year there will be TEN KIDS!  The adults are definitely outnumbered.

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