Mother’s Day

I had a great Mother’s Day… despite the fact that I had to work for 4 hours in the NICU. :(  We went to early church and Sunday School then went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants- The Bistro.  Judy, Nana, and Uncle Ron joined us for lunch.  Lunch was yummy but for some reason the service was a little off that day- it took a LOOOOONNNNG time to get our food and our appetizers never came.  I worked from 3-7 in the NICU which wasn’t too bad.  After work I met the kids and Robin for smoothies at Jamba Juice…. that was Emma’s idea!

Overall it was a wonderful day- I feel so blessed to call these kids mine.

Cash was asleep during our photo op on Mother’s Day so we took some pictures the next week at church and called them our “belated Mother’s Day pics!”


IMG 9678

IMG 9682


Belated Mother’s Day pics!

Photo  38

Photo  40

Photo  39

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