Run 4 Fun

Friday April 19th was the annual “Run 4 Fun” at Emma’s school.  We are learning that Emma LOVES to RUN!  Unfortunately the weather was really crummy that day.  It was extremely cold and windy!  All of the kids had to wear coats and they really should have had gloves and hats on too!  Oklahoma weather is so unpredictable!

Robin, Foster, Cash, and myself all went to cheer Emma on.  She wanted Daddy to run one lap with her and I ran a lap with her as well.  We had a great time!

Here are Daddy and Foster going to the gathering area before the Run festivities began.

IMG 9969


Here are the kids doing stretches before the race- we wouldn’t want any of them to pull muscles!!

IMG 9991IMG 9994


Here is Emma on her first lap.  I sure wish she had let me button her coat and fix her hair better that morning.  Oh well.

IMG 0004


Check out that smile!  Did I mention that she loves to run?

IMG 0005

IMG 0015

IMG 0019

IMG 0023


Here is her adorable Chinese teacher, Miss Emma.  Her English teacher, Mrs. McDaniel, ran all of the laps with the kids as well but I wasn’t able to get a picture of her.  (she must have been running too fast!)

IMG 0025


Rowan, Nina, and Emma

IMG 0051

IMG 0052

IMG 0057

IMG 0059


Emma, Nina, and Rowan

IMG 0070


Emma and good friend Nina

IMG 0063


Some of Emma’s clasmates with Hornsby, the Driller’s mascot

IMG 0085

IMG 0096


Here is her cute teacher, Mrs. McDaniel counting all of her ducklings.

IMG 0101


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