Family Trip to the Zoo

On Sunday, June 23rd, we got to go to the zoo with the Foster clan after church!  Uncle Ron’s work, Williams Co., was having a company picnic.  This was Cash’s first trip to the zoo and the first trip that Foster really remembers!  It was a hot hot day but we had a blast!

Ron, Christi, Judy, Jill, Emma, Robin, Foster, and Nana (we were missing Boom but hopefully he’ll join us next time!)

IMG 9778


Mommy, Foster, and Emma

IMG 9774


Ready to see some animals!

IMG 9776


Nana made these awesome neck ties that were frozen.  She found the pattern on-line and made them the night before.  The adults thought it was a little bit unfair that she only made them for the kids! :)

IMG 9780


We loved watching the chimps from a distance!

IMG 9784


Checking out the rhinos…

IMG 9789


Cash and Aunt Judy.  Cash was a good sport, he didn’t fuss at all until we were just about to leave- he finally told us he was hot and tired!

IMG 9816


Foster checking out the giraffes- I love this new giraffe exhibit- it would have been even cooler if the giraffes had stood up!

IMG 9790

IMG 9797

IMG 9805

IMG 9807

IMG 9812


Cooling off, trying to stay hydrated!

IMG 9815


IMG 9818


I guess she was taking a little rest here!

IMG 9822


I always LOVE the penguins!  Aren’t they so funny?

IMG 9831

IMG 9832


Watching the penguins from below- several of them swam for us!

IMG 9835

IMG 9836

IMG 9839


Sea lions!

IMG 9844

IMG 9845


Flamingos- Nana talked to them about the fact that they stand on one leg- although none of them were doing it at the time!

IMG 9848


Practicing standing on one leg.

IMG 9852

IMG 9856

IMG 9855


Emma loved looking at her zoo map and choosing where to go next.

IMG 9863


Foster was SO excited to ride the zoo train.  Can you tell by the sweet look on his face?

IMG 9872

IMG 9874

IMG 9879


Cash’s first time on the train!
IMG 9885

IMG 9896


Christi and Ron

IMG 9901


Waiting to ride the carousel- we could ride as many times as we wanted for free!

IMG 9903

IMG 9920  1

IMG 9922  1


Posing in the chimp silhouette!

IMG 9925


Thanks Ron and Christi for a very fun-filled day!  The kids are still talking about all of the animals.

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