Father’s Day

These people in this picture are MY WORLD!

IMG 9759  1


I know I’ve said it a lot, and I don’t mean to be that “gag me” mushy person talking about their husband.  BUT, Robin is an amazing Daddy.  He was meant to be a Dad.  Is he perfect?  Nope, he’s not. But pretty close to perfect. :)  We make a great team.  Things that he is good at, I am not so good at, and vise versa.  I love the way  he plays with our kids- so funny, so fun.  The kids adore him.

IMG 9757


These kids are lucky to have him.

IMG 9761


On Father’s Day this year we went to church and then went to eat lunch at Chuy’s.  We had a great Sunday together.

Here are a couple of pictures of Robin with his littlest baby, Cash Franklin.

IMG 9771


IMG 9773

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