Nibbles Bakery- Daddy Date

Emma LOVES to have special time with Robin.  She begs him to take her on “Daddy dates.”  One of Emma’s favorite places to eat is called “Nibbles”- it’s a local tea room/bakery.  Originally, this was “our place.”  I took Emma to Nibbles several times last year when Foster was at MDO- it was our special little Mommy-Emma time together.  So when she told me she wanted Daddy to take her to Nibbles I was a little heartbroken… but at the same time I thought it would be a true test of his love for Emma- would he really take her to a tea room???  They set a date- they planned to go to Nibbles together on a Saturday afternoon.

On the morning of their “date” she told Daddy that she really wanted Foster to come too.  We were kind of suprised because she REALLY loves alone time with Daddy.  More and more though- she doesn’t want to do anything without Foster.  It’s kind of precious.

So, Robin took and Emma and Foster to Nibbles.  He said he was the only male there.  He also said they got a few concerning looks from the owner when the kids tried to stand on chairs or dance in the middle of the tea room.  All in all though it was a fabulous date.  Robin loved the food, and the kids loved the cookies.

Here is a series of pictures that I took before they left.  The pictures get progessively sillier as you will see.

IMG 9520

IMG 9522

IMG 9526

IMG 9527

IMG 9528

IMG 9529

IMG 9530

IMG 9531

IMG 9532

IMG 9535

IMG 9536

IMG 9537

IMG 9538

IMG 9539

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