Pre-Smak: “PJ Party”

June 10-12th, Emma and Foster got to attend Pre-Smak at our church.  Pre-Smak stands for Preschool Summer Music Activities for Kids.  This year I taught 4 year olds.  Foster was in the 3 year old class and Emma was in the Kindergarten class.  The theme this year was PJ party and it was so much fun!

Here are the kids on Tuesday standing outside by the sign- it was very bright and the sun was in their eyes!  Tuesday they got to wear Pajamas to church.  Even Mommy wore pajamas!

IMG 9667


This was my classroom.  I was fortunate enough to get to teach with Candace Baldwin, Janice Harrington, and Katie Thompson.  We had a great time decorating!
IMG 9669


Those are Foster’s pajamas (from Nana) hanging up as part of the decoration.  Candace did an awesome job with the decorations!

IMG 9671


Emma, Madison, Claire, and Mackenzie- they all have Stompeez house slippers on!

IMG 9672


This was Foster’s first time EVER to perform on a stage of any kind.  He was SO PROUD and his smile was just priceless.  Here he is walking on the stage for rehearsal!

IMG 9674


Check out this grin!

IMG 9675

IMG 9678


IMG 9683

IMG 9684

IMG 9686


I was so proud of him for singing and doing the motions!

IMG 9691

IMG 9693

IMG 9694


Emma’s turn for rehearsal

IMG 9701

IMG 9702


She also did an awesome job singing and doing the motions!

IMG 9707

IMG 9708

IMG 9709


Her Kindergarten/5 year old group was really large!

IMG 9712

Before I get to the Performance pictures, I want to say that I feel so blessed that we go to a church that values teaching young kids to sing about Jesus.  I think it is SO important!

Here is Foster at the actual performance on Wednesday night.  Nana, Daddy, and Judy all came to watch!  Does he look a little bit excited and proud?

IMG 9717


He got a little bit nervous during the actual performance but still did great. :)

IMG 9724


Emma’s turn to perform!

IMG 9738

IMG 9740


Love that smile!

IMG 9743

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