Sunday afternoon at Nana’s

Nana invited us over for a very yummy home-coooked meal on June 9th.  She made a delicious meat loaf and corn on the cob!

I took a few pics of Cash before we ate dinner.  He wasn’t in a super smiley mood that afternoon!

IMG 9611

IMG 9622

IMG 9623

IMG 9624

IMG 9628

IMG 9635

IMG 9648


This was Foster and Emma’s first times to eat corn on the cob!  They thought the corn holders were really cool!  Nana taught them how to spread the butter on and sprinkle salt on.  Yummy!

IMG 9653


As you can see, Foster enjoyed licking the butter and salt off!

IMG 9654

IMG 9656

IMG 9657

IMG 9659

IMG 9660

One thought on “Sunday afternoon at Nana’s

  1. Cute pics of Cash, and love the memory of Emma and Foster eating corn on the cob!

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