Kiddie Park 2013

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We made our annual family trip to The Kiddie Park in Bartlesvill on Saturday, August 3rd. There was a 30% chance of rain forecast for that evening so we were really holding our breath that it would be open once we got there!!

We drove to Bartlesville at 2:00 in the afternoon and made a quick pit-stop at the Gap Outlet for some tax-free shopping. :)  Then we ate at our new favorite spot, Frank and Lola’s!  Talk about the “place to be” in Bartlesville!  There was a line at the the door at 4:45pm before their doors opened for dinner at 5:00!

When the Kiddie Park opened at 7:00 we were so thrilled to find out they were OPEN despite scattered rain.

Here are some pictures of Emma and Foster before going into the park… Emma (6 1/2), Foster (3 1/2)

IMG 9970  1


This would be Foster being silly…

IMG 9971


IMG 9973


Obviously, this was Cash’s first trip to the Kiddie Park (unless you count in utero last summer!)  The only ride he rode was the last ride of the night on the carousel. :)

IMG 9982  1

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First ride of the night was these trucks… Foster was so excited that they were working because they had been broken the last couple of years.

IMG 0007

IMG 9997
IMG 9996  1
IMG 0002
We decided to ride the roller coaster next because the line usually grows as the night goes on.  Robin and Foster rode in the very front seat and Mommy and Emma sat right behind them.  We had a blast!
IMG 0013  1
IMG 0014
IMG 0017
Next up was the airplanes!
IMG 0022
Cash had a great time watching Emma and Foster on the rides
IMG 0025
IMG 0032
IMG 0036  1
This really cracks me up…Nana really wanted to make sure that Cash was able to nap when he was tired, so she tilted the stroller back and walked around like this!!  Funny thing… the seat on the stroller reclines back but she wanted to do this instead. :)  It worked- he did go to sleep!
IMG 0040
IMG 0044
Turtle roller coaster with Daddy…
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IMG 0057
IMG 0080
Time for the “BIG” airplanes!
IMG 0093
IMG 0100
One of Emma’s favorite rides- the tilt-a-whirl.  It is tradition for Aunt Judy to ride this ride with Emma… this was Foster’s first time to ride it!
IMG 0108
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IMG 0115
If this isn’t the face of pure joy, I’m not sure what is!!
IMG 0119  1
IMG 0121
Sleeping Cash
IMG 0145
IMG 0153
Foster on the swings
IMG 0146
For the first time ever, Emma was TOO TALL to ride a ride!! Almost made me cry!  I’m glad that they like to keep the rides safe by keeping bigger kids off of them but I was so shocked that MY EMMA was getting too big to ride a Kiddie Park ride.  Here she is showing that she is too tall for the swings.  Your head has to clear the red bar when walking under it.
IMG 5278
This was Foster and Emma’s first time to try the bumper cars.  They had a hard time figuring out the gas pedal and steering but Foster was absolutely in love with the idea of driving his own car!
IMG 0165
IMG 0170
IMG 0173  1
IMG 0188
IMG 0226
About an hour after we got there, Ron and Christi joined us at the Kiddie Park.  It was so sweet of them to drive all that way just to spend some time with us at the Kiddie Park.  Here are Ron and Judy with Emma and Foster…
IMG 0302
IMG 0252
IMG 0264
Cash “hamming it up” for Nana and Christi
IMG 0328
IMG 0330  1
His new trick- clapping!
IMG 0334  1
Foster calls this little ferris wheel the “up and down” ride
IMG 0336

IMG 0339

We had to ride the boats!

IMG 0372

The last ride of the night was the carousel and Cash got to join the family!  He seemed to enjoy himself!
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IMG 1479  1
We had such a great time at the Kiddie Park and we can’t wait to go back again next year!

First Broken Bone!

Unfortunately, our family vacay to Jellystone ended with our first broken bone in the family. :(  I certainly didn’t think Foster would be the first one to break a bone.  He is not super adventurous, not your typical boy.  He is very cautious, very scared to try new things, etc.

So here is how it happened.  Looking back I feel like a horrible Mom.  I would give anything to go back and “re-do” things.  The RV we were staying in had bunk beds at one end of the RV.  Robin and I slept on a full sized bed, Cash slept in a pack ‘n play, and Foster and Emma slept on the bunk beds.  The first night Emma slept on the top bunk but they made a deal that they would switch the 2nd night.  Foster has bunk beds in his room at home but always sleeps on the bottom bunk.  He had never slept on a top bunk before.  We thought he would be fine because there was kind of a cubby that you kind of climbed back into to sleep so you couldn’t fall out.  He slept great ALL NIGHT LONG.  However at about 7:30 am he was laying in bed awake and he noticed a bug on him.  He started screaming, “There’s a bug on me!  There’s a bug on me!  Daddy come help me!”  Foster is terrifed of bugs by the way.  Robin jumped out of bed, tripping over the pack n play, trying to get to Foster.  Foster was trying to get away from the bug and slid backwards while holding on to a slippery sleeping bag and fell off the top bunk. :(   Robin was only about 3 feet away from catching Foster. :(  Foster immediately started crying and we knew he had probably hurt his right arm, which he fell on pretty akwardly.

***Funny part of the story…Robin asked Foster what kind of bug was on him (that caused him to break his arm) and Foster said in a very pitiful voice, “A teeny tiny one.”  Robin said, “Oh buddy, those teeny tiny bugs are the worst kind!”  Kids crack me up.

We texted Gigi that Foster had hurt his arm and then texted Robin’s sister, who we knew would know where to take Foster in Ft. Worth.  This is now the THIRD TIME we have had to take Foster to an urgent care or ER while out of town.  He rarely gets sick while IN TULSA!!  When he was about 18 months old we had to take him to Urgent Care in Allen, Texas for an anaphylactic reaction.  When he was about 2 years old I had to take him to an ER for croup.  Third times a charm, right?

IMG 9801


So, we quickly packed up our stuff (with the help of family) and Robin and I left with Foster for Cook’s Children’s Urgent Care in Ft. Worth.  Gigi and Pops watched Cash for us and Emma hung out with cousins and Aunts and Uncles.

Here are Foster and Daddy in the waiting room.  We honestly weren’t sure if anything was actually broken or not.  There was no actual deformity of Foster’s arm.  However, he wouldn’t use his arm for anything- he wouldn’t even hold his chocolate milk- and that is NOT NORMAL!

IMG 5135


The doctors and nurses were very nice.  We were treated so well!  We got right in, we never even had to sit in the waiting room!  They put these little allergy alert and name band bracelets on Foster’s ankles.

IMG 5137


The X-ray tech was wonderful. She came in the room and took the x-rays with Foster sitting on Robin’s lap.  It was so painless and even a little fun.

About 10 minutes later the doctor came in to report that Foster had broken his Radius. :(  She said this is a very common injury for young children who catch themselves with their hand when they fall.  This is NOT Foster’s actual x-ray but a sample that looks just like his!  You can kind of tell that the bone just kind of “buckles” under peressure.  The picture on the left shows a buckle fracture, picture on the right is a normal radius bone.

Ar446548 fig5


The doctor put a temporary brace on his arm and told us to leave his arm in the sling for a day or two to help the swelling not get out of control.  Foster was majorly bummed to learn that he would not be able to swim at Pops and Gigi’s house. :(

IMG 5144


He did manage to give us a quick smile though.

IMG 5149


We tried to give Motrin every 6 hours that first couple of days because his wrist was really hurting. :( He crashed that afternoon at Pops and Gigi’s. Several times during the night we heard him moaning- we think he was in quite a bit of pain. :(

IMG 5150

When we got back to Tulsa we went to see our Pediatrician, Dr. Raley because Foster also had a cough that we needed to get checked out.  Dr. Raley referred us to Dr. Mokhtee, a hand specialist in Tulsa.

Robin and I took Foster to see Dr. Mohktee that Wednesday, July 24th at 9:00 am.  They took some new x-rays and then the doctor checked his hand and had him do some different range of motion exercises to make sure there wasn’t any nerve damage.  He said that the break appeared to be slightly more than a buckle fracture on x-ray but felt confident that it would heal well on its own as long as he didn’t fall on it again in the next few weeks- NO PRESSURE!

IMG 5164


Dr. Mokhtee gave Foster a new brace to wear all the time for the next couple of weeks.  The brace can get wet but we have to dry with a blow dryer afterwards.  The brace was molded to fit his arm- pretty cool!  The brace can be tightened or loosened to accomodate for swelling.  Cool technology!

Overall the experience hasn’t been to bad.  It’s a yucky way to end the summer but I know it could have been so much worse.  I’m so thankful that Foster didn’t require surgery and that he didn’t bump his head when he fell.  Praising God for protecting Foster.

IMG 5167

Jellystone Vacation

During the 3rd weekend in July we traveled to Burleson, TX to spend several days with our family at Jellystone Campground.  This is a really neat kid-friendly resort for families.  We stayed in an RV and each day there were tons of activities for the kids.

Here is a picture of the 4 oldest Grandkids with Yogi Bear: Foster, Lylah, Zane, and Emma

IMG 5103


Robin, Cash, and Emma hanging out on the couch in our first RV… we ended up having to move to a different RV shortly after this picture was taken because our family was assigned to different RV’s in a different area!

IMG 9538


Cash was so tired that first afternoon.  He traveled really well in the car but did not nap at all!  Needless to say, he was ready for a nap by mid-afternoon!
IMG 9542


Pops, Shepherd, Emma, Foster, and Robin hanging out

IMG 9544


Foster looks pretty tired here too!

IMG 9547


Friday morning- we headed out to find some activities!

IMG 9575

First up, fishing!  Here are Daddy and Emma checking out fishing poles.

IMG 9573


Lylah, Emma, Foster, and Zane fishing

IMG 9585



IMG 9588


Fallon caught the first fish… the fish were really skilled at stealing the worm off the line before the kids could pull back and catch the fish!  Here are Lylah and Foster checking the fish out before Fallon threw it back in the pond.

IMG 9621


A slight mishap on our fishing excursion- Cash kicked his bottle overboard!  He literally kicked it out of the stroller and into the nasty water.  My sweet Brother-in-law time spend some time and skill fishing out the bottle for me.  I hate to tell him this but I totally just threw that bottle away!  Who knows what kind of amoeba or germs were in that bottle!

IMG 9626

IMG 9630


We spent most of the day at the amazing water park called Pine Cove.  The kids had a blast!  I was so suprised that my kids went on all of the slides- they are usually scared of huge water slides!

Here are Emma and Zane.

IMG 5114


Cash taking a nap poolside.
IMG 5113


I LOVE this picture of Foster and Lylah.  These two get along so well!  I have no idea what they are doing here or what they are talking about but obviously they are enjoying each other’s company!

IMG 9644  1



That night we went to get snow cones at the clubhouse.  
IMG 9662


IMG 9665IMG 9681


Next we headed to the bounce houses- there were about 7-8 really cool bounce houses set up for the kids.  They had a ball!

IMG 9699


Even the adults got to have some fun on the slingshot bounce!

IMG 9707

IMG 9708

IMG 9715\IMG 9728

IMG 9736


The Curry clan looking pretty tired and worn out!

IMG 5127

That night we made smores!  Yummy!  And what a special memory for these kids.

IMG 5128

IMG 5129

Unfortunately, the next morning ending our vacation a couple of hours soon when Foster fell and hurt his arm.  Gigi quickly came to our RV to sit with Foster while we packed up and got ready to take him to a nearby Urgent Care.  Poor guy.

IMG 9805

Despite Foster’s injury, we had a blast spending time with family at Jellystone!

June iPhone dump

June was a very busy month!  I find that I am taking more and more pictures on my iphone and it is fun to look back through the pictures- it kind of tells the story of what our days entail!

Here is Cash man swimming.  He LOVES the water!

IMG 4950


One day we spend THREE HOURS putting the train set back together.  It had been taken apart by multiple kids over the course of several months and I had been putting off trying to figure it out again… It is not as easy as it looks!!!  I ended up googling this specific train set and found a diagram!  I was so surprised that we had all of the pieces!


IMG 4887


Emma took 2 cooking classes at a neighbor’s house this summer.  A sweet teenager a few doors down, Elsa, conducted several cooking classes each with a different theme.  Emma LOVED the classes!  The first day she went had  a “Spa Day” theme and they made bath salts, mud masks, fruit smoothies, and more.  The second class she went to was all about cookies.  She came home with several different kinds of yummy cookies.  She also made a really cute cookie jar.  I was thankful that she shared some of her cookies with her Mommy.

IMG 4927


June was HOT, but not unbearable thank goodness.  We still took advantage of the hot days to go get some cold treats.  Here we are at Josh’s Sno Shack getting some snow cones.  Foster doesn’t usually like his snow cone because it’s “too cold.”  :)
IMG 4891


Another NEW FAVORITE cold treat- Andy’s Frozen Custard.  Oh my goodness, this place is so yummy!!!

IMG 4876


One of the big events from June was swim lessons with Mr. Kem.  We went for one full week to his house and Emma and Foster took lessons.  They learned a lot and made a lot of progress.  But man oh man, those lessons sure are stressful for Mommy and Daddy to watch!  This pictures is Daddy taking Foster to look over the fence at the golf course- to keep Foster’s mind off of the fact that he has to get in the pool with Mr. Kem next. :)

IMG 4894

IMG 4934


IMG 4895


One morning we had some friends from church over to play- here are Emma and Claire playing with chalk on the patio… while Cash watches them!

IMG 4914


At the very end of June Robin and I got to go out for a whole night to celebrate our 13th Anniversary!  We are so grateful to Mom and Aunt Judy for watching our THREE KIDS so that we could have a nice get-away.  We stayed at the Hotel Ambassador in Downtown Tulsa.

Here is our selfie picture before going out to eat

IMG 4963


We at dinner at Juniper, a new unique restaurant Downtown.  Here is my handsome hubby.

IMG 4968

Here is my very unique dinner… salmon with brussel sprouts.  The  brussel sprouts were surprisingly delicious!  However, I ended up getting a stomach bug early the next morning so I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to eat brussel sprouts again. :(

IMG 4969


Hanging out in Downtown Tulsa!

IMG 4970

IMG 4972


Our view of Downtown from our room was pretty cool!

IMG 4982

That’s all for June… more iphone pics from July to come!

4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July on the THIRD of July this year because Mommy was scheduled for work at the hospital on the 4th.  Ironically, Mommy ended up spending the 4th of July in the ER after going to work and nearly passing out. (turns out everything was fine!) I am very grateful to Nana for spending her 4th of July hanging out with me in the ER. I’m also very grateful to Robin for taking this 3 kiddos to watch Fireworks all by himself!

IMG 9952

Back to the 3rd of July… We hung out at our house and took some pictures of the kids and the cooked out for dinner.  We had a great day together!

Can’t believe how big Cash is getting.  Here is at almost 7 months old!

IMG 9934

IMG 9937

Now these pictures make me all teary-eyed… Here are Emma and Foster this year and then pictures of the same day and place the two previous years… they are growing up so fast!  These two are so close.  I love their relationship.

2013: Emma 6 1/2, Foster 3 1/2

IMG 9965


2012: Foster 2 1/2, Emma 5 1/2

IMG 8520


2011: Emma 4 1/2 Foster 1 1/2

IMG 0815


Emma and Foster took turns holding Cash for a picture…

IMG 9997

IMG 9990


Emma picked out her entire outfit from head to toe…

IMG 9996

IMG 0001

Hanging out after dinner…

IMG 0029


IMG 0031  1


Emma created this craft all on her own- she had the idea to make flags using paper and a pencil!

IMG 0010


Luckily I got the LAST box of “bomber pops” at Walmart that day. :)

IMG 0037

IMG 0041  1

I love our family, and I love spending holidays together!


IMG 9967  2