4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July on the THIRD of July this year because Mommy was scheduled for work at the hospital on the 4th.  Ironically, Mommy ended up spending the 4th of July in the ER after going to work and nearly passing out. (turns out everything was fine!) I am very grateful to Nana for spending her 4th of July hanging out with me in the ER. I’m also very grateful to Robin for taking this 3 kiddos to watch Fireworks all by himself!

IMG 9952

Back to the 3rd of July… We hung out at our house and took some pictures of the kids and the cooked out for dinner.  We had a great day together!

Can’t believe how big Cash is getting.  Here is at almost 7 months old!

IMG 9934

IMG 9937

Now these pictures make me all teary-eyed… Here are Emma and Foster this year and then pictures of the same day and place the two previous years… they are growing up so fast!  These two are so close.  I love their relationship.

2013: Emma 6 1/2, Foster 3 1/2

IMG 9965


2012: Foster 2 1/2, Emma 5 1/2

IMG 8520


2011: Emma 4 1/2 Foster 1 1/2

IMG 0815


Emma and Foster took turns holding Cash for a picture…

IMG 9997

IMG 9990


Emma picked out her entire outfit from head to toe…

IMG 9996

IMG 0001

Hanging out after dinner…

IMG 0029


IMG 0031  1


Emma created this craft all on her own- she had the idea to make flags using paper and a pencil!

IMG 0010


Luckily I got the LAST box of “bomber pops” at Walmart that day. :)

IMG 0037

IMG 0041  1

I love our family, and I love spending holidays together!


IMG 9967  2



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