First Broken Bone!

Unfortunately, our family vacay to Jellystone ended with our first broken bone in the family. :(  I certainly didn’t think Foster would be the first one to break a bone.  He is not super adventurous, not your typical boy.  He is very cautious, very scared to try new things, etc.

So here is how it happened.  Looking back I feel like a horrible Mom.  I would give anything to go back and “re-do” things.  The RV we were staying in had bunk beds at one end of the RV.  Robin and I slept on a full sized bed, Cash slept in a pack ‘n play, and Foster and Emma slept on the bunk beds.  The first night Emma slept on the top bunk but they made a deal that they would switch the 2nd night.  Foster has bunk beds in his room at home but always sleeps on the bottom bunk.  He had never slept on a top bunk before.  We thought he would be fine because there was kind of a cubby that you kind of climbed back into to sleep so you couldn’t fall out.  He slept great ALL NIGHT LONG.  However at about 7:30 am he was laying in bed awake and he noticed a bug on him.  He started screaming, “There’s a bug on me!  There’s a bug on me!  Daddy come help me!”  Foster is terrifed of bugs by the way.  Robin jumped out of bed, tripping over the pack n play, trying to get to Foster.  Foster was trying to get away from the bug and slid backwards while holding on to a slippery sleeping bag and fell off the top bunk. :(   Robin was only about 3 feet away from catching Foster. :(  Foster immediately started crying and we knew he had probably hurt his right arm, which he fell on pretty akwardly.

***Funny part of the story…Robin asked Foster what kind of bug was on him (that caused him to break his arm) and Foster said in a very pitiful voice, “A teeny tiny one.”  Robin said, “Oh buddy, those teeny tiny bugs are the worst kind!”  Kids crack me up.

We texted Gigi that Foster had hurt his arm and then texted Robin’s sister, who we knew would know where to take Foster in Ft. Worth.  This is now the THIRD TIME we have had to take Foster to an urgent care or ER while out of town.  He rarely gets sick while IN TULSA!!  When he was about 18 months old we had to take him to Urgent Care in Allen, Texas for an anaphylactic reaction.  When he was about 2 years old I had to take him to an ER for croup.  Third times a charm, right?

IMG 9801


So, we quickly packed up our stuff (with the help of family) and Robin and I left with Foster for Cook’s Children’s Urgent Care in Ft. Worth.  Gigi and Pops watched Cash for us and Emma hung out with cousins and Aunts and Uncles.

Here are Foster and Daddy in the waiting room.  We honestly weren’t sure if anything was actually broken or not.  There was no actual deformity of Foster’s arm.  However, he wouldn’t use his arm for anything- he wouldn’t even hold his chocolate milk- and that is NOT NORMAL!

IMG 5135


The doctors and nurses were very nice.  We were treated so well!  We got right in, we never even had to sit in the waiting room!  They put these little allergy alert and name band bracelets on Foster’s ankles.

IMG 5137


The X-ray tech was wonderful. She came in the room and took the x-rays with Foster sitting on Robin’s lap.  It was so painless and even a little fun.

About 10 minutes later the doctor came in to report that Foster had broken his Radius. :(  She said this is a very common injury for young children who catch themselves with their hand when they fall.  This is NOT Foster’s actual x-ray but a sample that looks just like his!  You can kind of tell that the bone just kind of “buckles” under peressure.  The picture on the left shows a buckle fracture, picture on the right is a normal radius bone.

Ar446548 fig5


The doctor put a temporary brace on his arm and told us to leave his arm in the sling for a day or two to help the swelling not get out of control.  Foster was majorly bummed to learn that he would not be able to swim at Pops and Gigi’s house. :(

IMG 5144


He did manage to give us a quick smile though.

IMG 5149


We tried to give Motrin every 6 hours that first couple of days because his wrist was really hurting. :( He crashed that afternoon at Pops and Gigi’s. Several times during the night we heard him moaning- we think he was in quite a bit of pain. :(

IMG 5150

When we got back to Tulsa we went to see our Pediatrician, Dr. Raley because Foster also had a cough that we needed to get checked out.  Dr. Raley referred us to Dr. Mokhtee, a hand specialist in Tulsa.

Robin and I took Foster to see Dr. Mohktee that Wednesday, July 24th at 9:00 am.  They took some new x-rays and then the doctor checked his hand and had him do some different range of motion exercises to make sure there wasn’t any nerve damage.  He said that the break appeared to be slightly more than a buckle fracture on x-ray but felt confident that it would heal well on its own as long as he didn’t fall on it again in the next few weeks- NO PRESSURE!

IMG 5164


Dr. Mokhtee gave Foster a new brace to wear all the time for the next couple of weeks.  The brace can get wet but we have to dry with a blow dryer afterwards.  The brace was molded to fit his arm- pretty cool!  The brace can be tightened or loosened to accomodate for swelling.  Cool technology!

Overall the experience hasn’t been to bad.  It’s a yucky way to end the summer but I know it could have been so much worse.  I’m so thankful that Foster didn’t require surgery and that he didn’t bump his head when he fell.  Praising God for protecting Foster.

IMG 5167

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