Jellystone Vacation

During the 3rd weekend in July we traveled to Burleson, TX to spend several days with our family at Jellystone Campground.  This is a really neat kid-friendly resort for families.  We stayed in an RV and each day there were tons of activities for the kids.

Here is a picture of the 4 oldest Grandkids with Yogi Bear: Foster, Lylah, Zane, and Emma

IMG 5103


Robin, Cash, and Emma hanging out on the couch in our first RV… we ended up having to move to a different RV shortly after this picture was taken because our family was assigned to different RV’s in a different area!

IMG 9538


Cash was so tired that first afternoon.  He traveled really well in the car but did not nap at all!  Needless to say, he was ready for a nap by mid-afternoon!
IMG 9542


Pops, Shepherd, Emma, Foster, and Robin hanging out

IMG 9544


Foster looks pretty tired here too!

IMG 9547


Friday morning- we headed out to find some activities!

IMG 9575

First up, fishing!  Here are Daddy and Emma checking out fishing poles.

IMG 9573


Lylah, Emma, Foster, and Zane fishing

IMG 9585



IMG 9588


Fallon caught the first fish… the fish were really skilled at stealing the worm off the line before the kids could pull back and catch the fish!  Here are Lylah and Foster checking the fish out before Fallon threw it back in the pond.

IMG 9621


A slight mishap on our fishing excursion- Cash kicked his bottle overboard!  He literally kicked it out of the stroller and into the nasty water.  My sweet Brother-in-law time spend some time and skill fishing out the bottle for me.  I hate to tell him this but I totally just threw that bottle away!  Who knows what kind of amoeba or germs were in that bottle!

IMG 9626

IMG 9630


We spent most of the day at the amazing water park called Pine Cove.  The kids had a blast!  I was so suprised that my kids went on all of the slides- they are usually scared of huge water slides!

Here are Emma and Zane.

IMG 5114


Cash taking a nap poolside.
IMG 5113


I LOVE this picture of Foster and Lylah.  These two get along so well!  I have no idea what they are doing here or what they are talking about but obviously they are enjoying each other’s company!

IMG 9644  1



That night we went to get snow cones at the clubhouse.  
IMG 9662


IMG 9665IMG 9681


Next we headed to the bounce houses- there were about 7-8 really cool bounce houses set up for the kids.  They had a ball!

IMG 9699


Even the adults got to have some fun on the slingshot bounce!

IMG 9707

IMG 9708

IMG 9715\IMG 9728

IMG 9736


The Curry clan looking pretty tired and worn out!

IMG 5127

That night we made smores!  Yummy!  And what a special memory for these kids.

IMG 5128

IMG 5129

Unfortunately, the next morning ending our vacation a couple of hours soon when Foster fell and hurt his arm.  Gigi quickly came to our RV to sit with Foster while we packed up and got ready to take him to a nearby Urgent Care.  Poor guy.

IMG 9805

Despite Foster’s injury, we had a blast spending time with family at Jellystone!

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