June iPhone dump

June was a very busy month!  I find that I am taking more and more pictures on my iphone and it is fun to look back through the pictures- it kind of tells the story of what our days entail!

Here is Cash man swimming.  He LOVES the water!

IMG 4950


One day we spend THREE HOURS putting the train set back together.  It had been taken apart by multiple kids over the course of several months and I had been putting off trying to figure it out again… It is not as easy as it looks!!!  I ended up googling this specific train set and found a diagram!  I was so surprised that we had all of the pieces!


IMG 4887


Emma took 2 cooking classes at a neighbor’s house this summer.  A sweet teenager a few doors down, Elsa, conducted several cooking classes each with a different theme.  Emma LOVED the classes!  The first day she went had  a “Spa Day” theme and they made bath salts, mud masks, fruit smoothies, and more.  The second class she went to was all about cookies.  She came home with several different kinds of yummy cookies.  She also made a really cute cookie jar.  I was thankful that she shared some of her cookies with her Mommy.

IMG 4927


June was HOT, but not unbearable thank goodness.  We still took advantage of the hot days to go get some cold treats.  Here we are at Josh’s Sno Shack getting some snow cones.  Foster doesn’t usually like his snow cone because it’s “too cold.”  :)
IMG 4891


Another NEW FAVORITE cold treat- Andy’s Frozen Custard.  Oh my goodness, this place is so yummy!!!

IMG 4876


One of the big events from June was swim lessons with Mr. Kem.  We went for one full week to his house and Emma and Foster took lessons.  They learned a lot and made a lot of progress.  But man oh man, those lessons sure are stressful for Mommy and Daddy to watch!  This pictures is Daddy taking Foster to look over the fence at the golf course- to keep Foster’s mind off of the fact that he has to get in the pool with Mr. Kem next. :)

IMG 4894

IMG 4934


IMG 4895


One morning we had some friends from church over to play- here are Emma and Claire playing with chalk on the patio… while Cash watches them!

IMG 4914


At the very end of June Robin and I got to go out for a whole night to celebrate our 13th Anniversary!  We are so grateful to Mom and Aunt Judy for watching our THREE KIDS so that we could have a nice get-away.  We stayed at the Hotel Ambassador in Downtown Tulsa.

Here is our selfie picture before going out to eat

IMG 4963


We at dinner at Juniper, a new unique restaurant Downtown.  Here is my handsome hubby.

IMG 4968

Here is my very unique dinner… salmon with brussel sprouts.  The  brussel sprouts were surprisingly delicious!  However, I ended up getting a stomach bug early the next morning so I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to eat brussel sprouts again. :(

IMG 4969


Hanging out in Downtown Tulsa!

IMG 4970

IMG 4972


Our view of Downtown from our room was pretty cool!

IMG 4982

That’s all for June… more iphone pics from July to come!

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