Kiddie Park 2013

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We made our annual family trip to The Kiddie Park in Bartlesvill on Saturday, August 3rd. There was a 30% chance of rain forecast for that evening so we were really holding our breath that it would be open once we got there!!

We drove to Bartlesville at 2:00 in the afternoon and made a quick pit-stop at the Gap Outlet for some tax-free shopping. :)  Then we ate at our new favorite spot, Frank and Lola’s!  Talk about the “place to be” in Bartlesville!  There was a line at the the door at 4:45pm before their doors opened for dinner at 5:00!

When the Kiddie Park opened at 7:00 we were so thrilled to find out they were OPEN despite scattered rain.

Here are some pictures of Emma and Foster before going into the park… Emma (6 1/2), Foster (3 1/2)

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This would be Foster being silly…

IMG 9971


IMG 9973


Obviously, this was Cash’s first trip to the Kiddie Park (unless you count in utero last summer!)  The only ride he rode was the last ride of the night on the carousel. :)

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First ride of the night was these trucks… Foster was so excited that they were working because they had been broken the last couple of years.

IMG 0007

IMG 9997
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We decided to ride the roller coaster next because the line usually grows as the night goes on.  Robin and Foster rode in the very front seat and Mommy and Emma sat right behind them.  We had a blast!
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IMG 0014
IMG 0017
Next up was the airplanes!
IMG 0022
Cash had a great time watching Emma and Foster on the rides
IMG 0025
IMG 0032
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This really cracks me up…Nana really wanted to make sure that Cash was able to nap when he was tired, so she tilted the stroller back and walked around like this!!  Funny thing… the seat on the stroller reclines back but she wanted to do this instead. :)  It worked- he did go to sleep!
IMG 0040
IMG 0044
Turtle roller coaster with Daddy…
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IMG 0057
IMG 0080
Time for the “BIG” airplanes!
IMG 0093
IMG 0100
One of Emma’s favorite rides- the tilt-a-whirl.  It is tradition for Aunt Judy to ride this ride with Emma… this was Foster’s first time to ride it!
IMG 0108
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IMG 0115
If this isn’t the face of pure joy, I’m not sure what is!!
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IMG 0121
Sleeping Cash
IMG 0145
IMG 0153
Foster on the swings
IMG 0146
For the first time ever, Emma was TOO TALL to ride a ride!! Almost made me cry!  I’m glad that they like to keep the rides safe by keeping bigger kids off of them but I was so shocked that MY EMMA was getting too big to ride a Kiddie Park ride.  Here she is showing that she is too tall for the swings.  Your head has to clear the red bar when walking under it.
IMG 5278
This was Foster and Emma’s first time to try the bumper cars.  They had a hard time figuring out the gas pedal and steering but Foster was absolutely in love with the idea of driving his own car!
IMG 0165
IMG 0170
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IMG 0188
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About an hour after we got there, Ron and Christi joined us at the Kiddie Park.  It was so sweet of them to drive all that way just to spend some time with us at the Kiddie Park.  Here are Ron and Judy with Emma and Foster…
IMG 0302
IMG 0252
IMG 0264
Cash “hamming it up” for Nana and Christi
IMG 0328
IMG 0330  1
His new trick- clapping!
IMG 0334  1
Foster calls this little ferris wheel the “up and down” ride
IMG 0336

IMG 0339

We had to ride the boats!

IMG 0372

The last ride of the night was the carousel and Cash got to join the family!  He seemed to enjoy himself!
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We had such a great time at the Kiddie Park and we can’t wait to go back again next year!

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