1st Grade Bible Presentation

Moving into the 1st grade at our church is a HUGE step.  Emma is no longer in the preschool area.  She is no longer downstairs.  She is now upstairs in the Children’s area and that is so weird to me!  She has been downstairs in the preschool area for 6 1/2 years!  One of the ways our church makes this promotion special is by giving the 1st graders Bibles during church.  Here is the letter we got from the Children’s Minister telling us about the Bible Presentation.

IMG 5463


I am so thankful for the kids in Emma’s grade at church.  She has so many great friends among this group.  The boys are definitely outnumbered!  Two of Emma’s good friends, Kinley and Aubrey are not seen in this picture.  The group was so large I couldn’t get them all in one shot!

IMG 0258


IMG 0262


There are the Bibles ready to go to some kids who are eager to learn from God’s word!

IMG 0266


Here they are on the stage waiting for their turn…

IMG 0269


The bibles were presented by their teacher Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Diane Adams, and our Children’s Minister,  Connie Faurot.

IMG 0272


Each and every time Emma gets on the stage for something I breathe a sigh of relief and am in a slight state of shock.  She is so timid- I’m always amazed that she is brave enough to get on stage!

IMG 0274

IMG 0276

IMG 0282


The lighting is off on this picture but here is Emma receiving her Bible

IMG 0285


She has the sweetest smile on her face after getting her Bible!

IMG 0289


I love the way she’s holding it so close to her body.

IMG 0290

IMG 0292


After the girls came to sit down, Aubrey and Emma immediately began searching the Bible.  It melted my heart.  They were so proud of their new Bibles!  May they always be this excited to study God’s word!

IMG 5491

IMG 5493IMG 5495

IMG 5502

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