August iphone pics

I just keep getting farther and farther behind on this blog but I’m determined to catch up!  When I get over a month behind I get a nervous twitch! j/k.  Honestly though, getting caught up on the blog makes me “think” my life is in order… which is kind of a joke but whatever make me feel better, right? I really want my kids to have a on-line journal to look back it so we can remember what we did together. :)

August was a very busy month.  I am going to be honest… this is the first summer I found myself saying, I CAN’T WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START!!!  I never thought I’d feel that way and in previous summers I was sad that we were about to have to start the “busyness” again.  This summer was rough for me though!  It’s hard to keep a baby happy and on a schedule when you have two older kiddos that want to be out and do things!  I know many Moms experience this on a regular basis.  I’m not a super “scheduled” Mom when it comes to naps but I at least like for Cash to get his naps at some point!. I felt like the two older kids were bored towards the end of the summer and it was so hot outside.  All of that to say… I was ready for school!  Sometimes routine is a good thing!

These pictures are in no particular order!

Poor Cash… I wanted to get his 6 month pictures done but time just flew and they turned into 8 month pictures!  Here he is with Nana while waiting to get his picture taken.

IMG 5337


One week when Daddy had to travel to New Jersey my brother Brandon came to help me with the kiddos.  Here we all are at Target.  Brandon pushed one cart with Cash in the carseat and I pushed the large cart with both big kids and the groceries.  And for memory’s sake… I would like to point out that on this trip Foster threw a massive fit on the toy aisle!  I told him he could pick out a 99 cent matchbox car for being so good (ironic) and he wanted the $22 Hummer!  Uh, no, that’s not what I said.  He flipped out completely.  My brother tried to calm him down but was not successful.  My brother said he thinks he blacked out for a few seconds from embarassment!  We did survive and live to tell about it.  And I DID get the groceries by-golly!  I also re-taught myself a lesson that I already knew- avoid the toy aisle at all costs!

IMG 5380


On one of our “bored days” towards the end of summer I brought out all of my stamping supplies.  Back in the day when I had no children I loved to make homemade cards using stamps and other crafty stuff.  I have not made a card in about 8 years.  Emma and Foster had fun stamping for an entire morning.

IMG 5382


We spent several days at the Lifetime pool this summer.  We definitely should have spent more time there than we did.  Again this was a conflict between Cash napping and the big kids having fun!  The kids progressed on their swimming but I’m determined to reach big goals next summer!!

IMG 5404

IMG 5406


This picture really cracks me up!  Here is Foster right after the nurse took his wrist brace off.  His hand stunk SO BADLY! We put the brace in our car and then our whole car stunk.  We quickly had to come home and take a bath.  I scrubbed his arm with yummy smelling baby soap!

IMG 5409

IMG 5410


Got the brace off- yippee!!!

IMG 5412


I found a cheap Cars bike for Foster on a local buy-sell-trade site for $10!  We probably need to move him to a larger one but this one has been fun for now. Nothing like riding bikes on the tile in the kitchen!

IMG 5415


Another reason this summer was slightly rough is because Foster dropped his naps this summer.  It just became too large of a battle to get him to sleep and then he wouldn’t fall asleep at night until really late.  So he is in that awful stage where he really kind of needs a nap but doesn’t nap. :( Some days I found him in very random places just passed out. He even has his legs crossed here!

IMG 5416


Good friends Marissa, Emma, and Layla in the gym at Meet-the-Teacher

IMG 5417


Emma is such a good big sister to Cash.

IMG 5422

Speaking of Cash… August was a big month for him.  He really started sitting up well and then army crawling all over the place. This is also the month that he became very ornery!  He has been such a laid back baby but now that he is on the move he is a wild man!  He loves the kids’ bathroom.  We often find him there.  I think he likes the way his voice echoes in there and the way the cold tile files under his belly!

IMG 5431


We may have to babyproof every drawer in the whole house!!!

IMG 5434


Foster went with me to JBF Consignment sale one day and I let him pick out 2 pieces of clothing.  He really loves to shop! (Don’t tell Robin.)  He picked out a Spiderman sweatshirt and a Cars long-sleeved shirt. :)

IMG 5448


Poor Cash doesn’t have any toys to play with!

IMG 5464


I took Emma to get a back-to-school pedicure and manicure.

IMG 5480

IMG 5486


We decided very last-minute that Emma would give soccer a try this year.  More on that in a future blog post.  Here she is getting ready to practice in our yard!

IMG 5497

IMG 5498


Dr. Raley gave Cash this t-shirt when he came to our house for his first home visit.  I sent this picture to Dr. Raley… this is Cash wearing the shirt that he has obviously outgrown.  His belly was poking out of it.

IMG 5512


Cash got invited to his very first friend b-day party!  Here are he and his good buddy Jonah!  Jonah turned 1 in August.  These two are friends in the nursery at church.

IMG 5516


Bus stop fun!

IMG 5517


One Friday I was feeling brave and decided to take the boys to Chuck E. Cheese and it went great!

IMG 5523

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