Cash- 8 month pictures!

I wanted to get 6 month pictures of Cash but well, Cash is our 3rd baby and sometimes just slip through the cracks!  So these are Cash’s 8 month pictures.  I’m kind of glad I waited because he had just started sitting up well.

I wanted to write a little letter to Cash to read someday…

Cash, you are the most fun baby and bring so much joy to our lives!

You are the most laid back baby when you are in your carseat, in your bed, in the stroller, etc.  BUT, once you are free and on your own, you are a crazy man!  Of all of our kids, you are the biggest risk taker!  You are super independent!

Cash 8 months 1


Your smile can light up a room!  People often comment on your dimples.  I love your dimples.  I could kiss them all day long.  You have the BEST belly laugh.  Emma and Foster are really good at getting you to laugh.

Cash 8 months 2


You bring so much joy to our lives- I can’t imagine our family without you in it!

Cash 8 months 3

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