Cash’s 1st Haircut

Cash’s hair has received so much attention in his short little life!  From the time he was born, it has stuck straight up in the air.  People love to feel his softy, furry hair.  Not only does it stick straight up, but he also has a horrible cowlick right in the front of his hairline!  Poor guy!  At the beginning of August I decided it was time for him to get a little trim.

Here is Cash’s hair before his haircut…

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I took Cash to Mr. Will at Kuts for Kids.  All 3 of my kiddos have received their first haircut from him (if you don’t count the mini-trims my Mom and I gave them!)  Ironically Emma was quite a bit older when she got her first haircut.  It doesn’t seem right that my daughter was born with the LEAST amount of hair and took the LONGEST to grow!

Mr. Will is so good with kids and he is SO fast!  Cash loved the entire experience.  He acted like he had done this drill 10 times before.

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Getting tickled with the brush- I love that you can see me and my Mom in the mirror smiling at Cash.

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All done big boy!

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Nana and Cash after the haircut.  Cash makes this face when he is in the bright sunlight.  He just barely opens his eyes!

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Happy boy after his first haircut- he look so much older!

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Here is the top view of his hair… se the cowlick right in the front?  POOR GUY!

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