Emma’s 1st day of 1st Grade

August 19, 2013 was Emma’s 1st day of 1st grade.  I really can’t believe she’s already in 1st grade!

Emma is in the Chinese Immersion program at her school so she is already familiar with her English teacher and all of the kids in her class are the same (with the addition of a couple of new students this year.)  This is a really great thing for Emma.  It usually takes her a while to warm up to people but she already knows everyone in her class so hopefully she can just pick back up where they left off last year!  We are so thankful that she has several good friends in her class.

Emma has Mrs. Andrus for English and Xia Lao Shi for Chinese.  They are both so nice and we are very excited about all that they have in store for her this year!

IMG 9998


She looks like she’s about 13 in this picture!  STOP GROWING UP my baby girl!!!

IMG 0010


She’s using the same backpack as last year.  :)

IMG 0014

IMG 0019


Of course we had to take some pictures with Foster who was very excited for Emma!

IMG 0021



IMG 0050


We added Cash to the pictures to get some pictures of all 3 kiddos.  I love this series of pictures… Cash adores Emma and Foster.  I look at these pictures and feel blessed beyond words!

IMG 0056  1

IMG 0058

IMG 0063

IMG 0068

IMG 0074

IMG 0076

IMG 0080

IMG 0082


Emma and our neighbor Brylee.  This is Brylee’s first year to the ride the bus so Emma loved showing her the ropes!

IMG 0087


Emma and Marissa- these girls are in the same class and in the same neighborhood. :)

IMG 0099


Family photo before the bus came…

IMG 0114  1


Bus stop gals…

IMG 0122


Posing with Daddy always brings out the biggest smiles in Emma!

IMG 0137


Here comes the bus!

IMG 0140

IMG 0142

IMG 0149

IMG 0158

IMG 0160


And what would a “First Day of School” blog post be without a picture of Emma’s First Day of School lunch.  We tried out this nifty container from Target.  It only lasted about a week.  Great concept but poor quality… the lid stopped fitting well! and it stressed Emma out at lunchtime!

IMG 9982

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