Foster’s first day of preschool

Foster’s first day of preschool was the day after Emma’s first day of school on August 20th.  Thankfully he didn’t have to be bored at home without Emma for very long!  He is going to the same church this year for school but instead of attending the Mother’s Day Out he is now in the Preschool portion of the school.  This is the same place that Emma went when she was 3 1/2 and we absolutely loved it.

When Foster walked outside to take his first day of school pics there was a bunny rabbit waiting for him in the front yard!  Can you see the bunny to the right?

IMG 0167


There’s the little bunny.  We told Foster that the bunny came by to tell him to have a good first day. :)

IMG 0163


We had to take a few more sibbling pics to celebrate Foster’s first day.  You can tell in these pictures that Foster was acting very silly.  That’s what he does when he’s feeling a little nervous!!

IMG 0173

IMG 0177


And here is where Foster’s crazy facial expressions begin!

IMG 0183

IMG 0187

IMG 0190

IMG 0191

IMG 0193

IMG 0201

IMG 0204

IMG 0206


Time for some jumping pictures with Daddy…

IMG 0208

IMG 0210

IMG 0211


Finally we made it to the school.  Here is Foster being greeted by Mrs. Fondell.  She was Emma’s teacher also- we adore her!

IMG 0222


Here is Foster finding his place on the carpet

IMG 0224

IMG 0230

IMG 0235


We are hoping for a great year for Foster.  He is going 3 days week instead of the 2 days that he went last year.  Just one step closer to pre-k next year!  sniff sniff.

IMG 0239

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