Miss Oklahoma at the STBC Car Show

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Miss Oklahoma, Kelsey Griswold, with people who attended our annual church car show.  Kelsey was so sweet and so beautiful inside and out!  I only took pictures for 1 hour but it was a lot of pressure and very stressful!

IMG 0035


My BFF, Sarah Miller, came with me to help out and I couldn’t have done it without her.  Here she is helping me set up and get the settings right on my camera!

IMG 0026


The kids came to the Car Show with Robin, Nana, and Judy.  I was so shocked that Emma stood in line all by herself and walked right up to Miss OK and asked for her autograph!  It was very brave of her!

IMG 0131

IMG 0132

IMG 0137  1


And her is Foster with a pretty lady. :)

IMG 0144  1

IMG 0151

IMG 0161  1


Emma and our neighbor, Brylee, with MIss OK

IMG 0232  2


Even the Mayor Dewey Bartlett came to the Car Show.  This was his first time to meet Miss OK.

IMG 0265  1


The last picture I took was of Sarah and Miss OK… two pretty ladies!

IMG 0284  1

The infamous red and white walker

We have a red and white walker toy that has been in our family for lots and lots of years… as in my 41 year old brother was the first one to use it!  I am pretty sure it is not the safest toy but all 3 of my kids have used it and I just love having it for the kitchen and patio.  I always supervise very closely when he is in it!  Cash likes to hang out in the walker and eat while I cook dinner.  The kids love to get down on his level and talk to him too.

IMG 0018

IMG 0021

IMG 0023

IMG 0027

First Soccer Game!

Emma’s first soccer game was on Saturday September 7th!  It was very very hot outside and they played at 2:00 in the afternoon!  We left Cash home with Nana because we weren’t sure he would enjoy the heat.  They won this game 10-0. They are a very good team!!

Emma had a great first game!  Her coach was so good with her and helped her on some throw-ins and corner kicks.  This is one of my favorite pictures- I love to see Emma so happy!

IMG 0382


Huddling up with the coach.  There are a total of 8 girls on the team and 4 play at a time.  He rotates them in and out.

IMG 0387

IMG 0394


One of the things Emma had to learn after the first game is that you aren’t supposed to stand right next to one of your teammates. :)  She was clinging to them for security.  She quickly learned that the coach wants them to spread out!

IMG 0396


Good hustle Emma!

IMG 0401


First throw-in

IMG 0402


Emma’s pony tail fell out halfway through the first quarter (Good job Mommy!)  I almost called a time out so that I could fix her pony tail!  We had to wait until half-time to make that adjustment.

IMG 0403

IMG 0406


Getting ready to do a corner kick!

IMG 0408

IMG 0409

IMG 0410

IMG 0415


Here is Emma with her good friend, Marissa.  You can tell their faces are getting ready and sweaty!

IMG 0422


Here is Nina and Emma- Nina is Emma’s other good friend from school!

IMG 0432

And I’ll end this post one more time with my favorite picture of Emma.  No matter what this season brings, we hope she has FUN!

IMG 0382

Soccer Time!

Emma has taken dance lessons for the last 3 years but this year she decided she wanted to take a break from it.  We encouraged Emma to pick some other activity that she would like to “try.”  With some encouragement from Mommy and Daddy she agreed to play soccer!  At the very last minute I was able to get Emma on a team with some of her good friends from her class.  Their team name is the “Thunderbolts” and they are a very good team.  Most of the girls on the team have been together for 3 years.  I was a little bit nervous about putting her on such a good team with this being her first year but I also knew that she would be willing to go to practices and games since some of her best buddies were on the team!  :)

Emma has practiced soccer many times with Uncle Brandon in our yard… I can still remember them playing when Emma was only 18 month old!

But now we had to practice for REAL!  The night before her first real soccer practice we took her in our backyard for some practice with Daddy and Foster.  Cash and I watched from the sidelines.

(please excuse our crochety fence!)

IMG 0315

IMG 0316

IMG 0318

IMG 0322

IMG 0324


IMG 0333

IMG 0347

IMG 0354

IMG 0356

IMG 0360

IMG 0362

IMG 0368

IMG 0371

IMG 0373


Ready to block a goal!

IMG 0375


Daddy comforting Emma… I think she may have fallen down- something she’ll have to get used to!

IMG 0379

We are looking forward to cheering on our little soccer player!  Go Emma Go!

Children’s Museum

On September 6th, me and “the boys” met our friends at the Children’s Museum in Tulsa for a short play date.  We each have boys that are about the same age and this was the first time we had gotten together to play!  This was also our first time to get to go to the Children’s Museum.  It was so cool!  We will definitely go back again!

Here are Brody and Foster hanging out in the cardboard tunnel exhibit!

IMG 0017


The highlight of the trip was the packing tape tunnel and slide… this thing is made out of several layers of packing tape- for real!  And you can walk through it and slide down the slide.  The boys wanted to go in this over and over again and both of the Mommies got turns going in it as well!  In this picture Foster is on the far right, then Brody, then his Mommy.

IMG 5578


Here is Brody coming down the slide

IMG 5579


This picture really cracks me up.  Here are the sweet little brothers just hanging out.  Someday they will get to play too!

IMG 5582