Children’s Museum

On September 6th, me and “the boys” met our friends at the Children’s Museum in Tulsa for a short play date.  We each have boys that are about the same age and this was the first time we had gotten together to play!  This was also our first time to get to go to the Children’s Museum.  It was so cool!  We will definitely go back again!

Here are Brody and Foster hanging out in the cardboard tunnel exhibit!

IMG 0017


The highlight of the trip was the packing tape tunnel and slide… this thing is made out of several layers of packing tape- for real!  And you can walk through it and slide down the slide.  The boys wanted to go in this over and over again and both of the Mommies got turns going in it as well!  In this picture Foster is on the far right, then Brody, then his Mommy.

IMG 5578


Here is Brody coming down the slide

IMG 5579


This picture really cracks me up.  Here are the sweet little brothers just hanging out.  Someday they will get to play too!

IMG 5582

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