First Soccer Game!

Emma’s first soccer game was on Saturday September 7th!  It was very very hot outside and they played at 2:00 in the afternoon!  We left Cash home with Nana because we weren’t sure he would enjoy the heat.  They won this game 10-0. They are a very good team!!

Emma had a great first game!  Her coach was so good with her and helped her on some throw-ins and corner kicks.  This is one of my favorite pictures- I love to see Emma so happy!

IMG 0382


Huddling up with the coach.  There are a total of 8 girls on the team and 4 play at a time.  He rotates them in and out.

IMG 0387

IMG 0394


One of the things Emma had to learn after the first game is that you aren’t supposed to stand right next to one of your teammates. :)  She was clinging to them for security.  She quickly learned that the coach wants them to spread out!

IMG 0396


Good hustle Emma!

IMG 0401


First throw-in

IMG 0402


Emma’s pony tail fell out halfway through the first quarter (Good job Mommy!)  I almost called a time out so that I could fix her pony tail!  We had to wait until half-time to make that adjustment.

IMG 0403

IMG 0406


Getting ready to do a corner kick!

IMG 0408

IMG 0409

IMG 0410

IMG 0415


Here is Emma with her good friend, Marissa.  You can tell their faces are getting ready and sweaty!

IMG 0422


Here is Nina and Emma- Nina is Emma’s other good friend from school!

IMG 0432

And I’ll end this post one more time with my favorite picture of Emma.  No matter what this season brings, we hope she has FUN!

IMG 0382

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