Miss Oklahoma at the STBC Car Show

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Miss Oklahoma, Kelsey Griswold, with people who attended our annual church car show.  Kelsey was so sweet and so beautiful inside and out!  I only took pictures for 1 hour but it was a lot of pressure and very stressful!

IMG 0035


My BFF, Sarah Miller, came with me to help out and I couldn’t have done it without her.  Here she is helping me set up and get the settings right on my camera!

IMG 0026


The kids came to the Car Show with Robin, Nana, and Judy.  I was so shocked that Emma stood in line all by herself and walked right up to Miss OK and asked for her autograph!  It was very brave of her!

IMG 0131

IMG 0132

IMG 0137  1


And her is Foster with a pretty lady. :)

IMG 0144  1

IMG 0151

IMG 0161  1


Emma and our neighbor, Brylee, with MIss OK

IMG 0232  2


Even the Mayor Dewey Bartlett came to the Car Show.  This was his first time to meet Miss OK.

IMG 0265  1


The last picture I took was of Sarah and Miss OK… two pretty ladies!

IMG 0284  1

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