Soccer Time!

Emma has taken dance lessons for the last 3 years but this year she decided she wanted to take a break from it.  We encouraged Emma to pick some other activity that she would like to “try.”  With some encouragement from Mommy and Daddy she agreed to play soccer!  At the very last minute I was able to get Emma on a team with some of her good friends from her class.  Their team name is the “Thunderbolts” and they are a very good team.  Most of the girls on the team have been together for 3 years.  I was a little bit nervous about putting her on such a good team with this being her first year but I also knew that she would be willing to go to practices and games since some of her best buddies were on the team!  :)

Emma has practiced soccer many times with Uncle Brandon in our yard… I can still remember them playing when Emma was only 18 month old!

But now we had to practice for REAL!  The night before her first real soccer practice we took her in our backyard for some practice with Daddy and Foster.  Cash and I watched from the sidelines.

(please excuse our crochety fence!)

IMG 0315

IMG 0316

IMG 0318

IMG 0322

IMG 0324


IMG 0333

IMG 0347

IMG 0354

IMG 0356

IMG 0360

IMG 0362

IMG 0368

IMG 0371

IMG 0373


Ready to block a goal!

IMG 0375


Daddy comforting Emma… I think she may have fallen down- something she’ll have to get used to!

IMG 0379

We are looking forward to cheering on our little soccer player!  Go Emma Go!

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