Foster’s Birthday Poster


Foster’s school celebrates their Birthdays by having them fill out this cute poster and then they got to share it during class.  We had a fun time filling this out.  The questions are pretty open-ended.  

Foster was very proud of his poster.  His teachers told me he was pretty share when sharing with the class.  IMG 1590

IMG 1593

Foster and Cash in the leaves

I felt badly for leaving Cash out of the previous leaf pictures so one weekday after running errands I just plopped Cash and Foster down in the leaves in the front yard for some pictures!  Cash loved it.  

IMG 1535

IMG 1586


IMG 1538

IMG 1539


Foster lovingly pulling Cash towards him. :)

IMG 1542


Brotherly love

IMG 1554

IMG 1555

IMG 1556

IMG 1557

IMG 1564

IMG 1565


This would be Cash with an acorn in his mouth.  Don’t worry- I quickly got it out of his mouth.  He never actually tries to swallow things like this, he just loves to put them in his mouth!

IMG 1567


Playing with leaves…
IMG 1568

IMG 1569

IMG 1570

IMG 1571

IMG 1572

IMG 1574

Carolyn and Tiffany

Over my Birthday weekend we had a very fun visit from our cousins from Arizona.  Carolyn and her daughter, Tiffany are some of the most fun, gracious people you will ever meet.  They always keep us laughing.  My kids loved spending time with both of them.  Here is an attempt at a picture with them!

IMG 1527


IMG 1521


Judy is very close to Carolyn and Tiffany- they usually stay with her when they come.  I’m so glad they got to have some good quality time together in Tulsa! 

IMG 1530


Here are Unlce Ron and Nana pushing the boys in the swing that afternoon. 

IMG 1501

IMG 1506

IMG 1511

IMG 1515

IMG 1517

IMG 1518

Playing in the Leaves!

One Sunday afternoon after we got home from church we decided to snap some pictures of the big kids in the leaves.  One of the ONLY benefits of having a ton of trees with a ton of leaves is that you can take some good nature pictures!  The downside is that you have to trim tree limbs, rake leaves, etc.  

Nana got Emma this red coat last year and I just love it! 

IMG 1272  1

IMG 1273

IMG 1275  1

IMG 1284

IMG 1288

IMG 1289

IMG 1292

IMG 1349  1

IMG 1307


IMG 1311

IMG 1319

IMG 1322

IMG 1326  1

IMG 1330

IMG 1350

IMG 1361

IMG 1379  1

IMG 1388

IMG 1396


IMG 1415  1

IMG 1422

IMG 1431  1

IMG 1442

IMG 1454


IMG 1457

IMG 1459

IMG 1469

IMG 1471

IMG 1478

Halloween 2013

IMG 0954  1


We had a wonderful Halloween this year.  This was Cash’s first Halloween so it was really fun to have THREE kiddos all in costume.  The big kids loved seeing Cash in costume.

Foster was a Top Gun pilot and he totally fit the part, Cash was a fireman (because a fireman is the first person that held him when he was born and Firemen are now our heroes), and Emma was a Cowgirl (don’t ask me why- she is scared of horses!)


IMG 0932  1

IMG 0820


Silly picture

IMG 0825



Forgive me for posting so many pictures of Foster here, just can’t get enough of him.  He looked so slick.  (notice he’s holding a car in his hand- he’s always holding a car in his hand!)IMG 0826  1

IMG 0830  1

IMG 0829

IMG 0840

IMG 0842


Silly pic to match Emma’s silly pic.

IMG 0850


These two kids love each other more than words can express.  Their relationship is one of my greatest blessings in life.  Look at the way Foster is holding Emma’s hand. 

IMG 0855  1

IMG 0861


Getting a picture of Cash with his fireman hat on was well, let’s just say it was a challenge!!!  I knew it would be.  My Mom would put the hat on him and I would quickly snap 20 pictures within 2 seconds until he threw it on the ground.  Here is Mom placing the hat on his head! 

IMG 0878


We did manage to get a couple of cute pictures of him in full costume.

IMG 0883


Where is Cash??

IMG 0887

IMG 0891  1

IMG 0899


Even Emma tried to hold the hat on him- I love her face here!

IMG 0961


After taking pictures at home we loaded up to head to our church for Noah’s Ark, a fall festival-type event.

Every year the kids take a picture with Aunt Judy- I love this tradition we have started. 

IMG 0968  1


Family picture

IMG 0989  1


Cash hung out in the stroller most of the night but he did get to get out of the stroller to participate in a few activities. 

IMG 0996


Aubrey and Emma… they have come a long way from their first Halloween as a ladybug and bumblebee.  

IMG 1011  1


We have taken a picture of these 3 friends every year since they were babies. Sniff Sniff.  I love that Mackenzie and Aubrey are both posing and Emma is just standing still.  :)

IMG 1016


Nana will be mad at me for posting this picture- but here are she and Cash.  I always appreciate her help so much at events like these.  

IMG 1023


Playing games… bowling

IMG 1030


Foster climbing the wall

IMG 1042

IMG 1046


The next series of pics are of Cash in the tunnel.  Each of our kids have gotten to crawl through the tunnel on their first Halloween.  He loved it!

IMG 1055

IMG 1057


Did I fool anyone??  This is Foster!  Everyone always says that they look so much alike.  I think they look very different here. :)  Foster had NO hair.  

IMG 3779edit thumb  2


Ok, back to Cash pictures…

IMG 1059

IMG 1061

IMG 1068

IMG 1069



IMG 1071


This picture cracks me up- My Mom is trying to situate Cash and Jonah (his good buddy) for a picture but they were NOT having it! They weren’t nearly as cooperative as their sisters were at that age.

IMG 1080

IMG 1083


Foster riding a giraffe

IMG 1085

IMG 1087


Playing carnival games

IMG 1093

IMG 1096

IMG 1102


Daddy and Cash after Noah’s Ark.  Cash was very slap-happy and ready for his bed.

IMG 1107

Trunk or Treat

This year we decided to go to Trunk or Treat, a very fun Fall costume event at Foster’s school.  I just took the 2 big kids and Robin stayed home while Cash napped.  Here are Cowgirl Emma and Top Gun Foster.  This was their first time to get to wear their Halloween costumes for the week.  

IMG 0044


IMG 0047


Foster was very excited to see some of his good buddies from school.  They stayed on this bounce house slide forever!  They went on it over and over again.  Here are Foster and Lathan going down the slide!

IMG 0019


IMG 0022

IMG 0023


IMG 0033


Then it was Emma’s turn to go with Foster.  She begged him to go with her.  Once they got to the top, he didn’t wait for her- he slid down before her! 

IMG 0034


IMG 0035


IMG 0036


IMG 0037


Here is Foster with his good buddy, Caleb.  I went to grade school, high school, and college with his Daddy, Joe.  Very interesting how things have come full circle and now our sons are friends!  

IMG 0009


Foster with his other good friend, Lathan.

IMG 0014


The hit of the night for Foster was the Fun Bus- he loved it!

IMG 0005

IMG 0007

Pumpkin carving

On Friday, October 23rd we had some friends over for pizza and pumpkin carving!  Kinslee, Emma, Foster, and Jeremiah had a great time carving pumpkins… while the babies (Kenna and Cash) had a great time watching.  

IMG 9947

IMG 9948

IMG 9959

I love it that Foster decided to play with his cars on the table in the middle of pumping carving. His cars are ALWAYS present and involved in whatever activity we are doing!

IMG 9963

IMG 9964

IMG 9967

IMG 9968

IMG 9970


The kids drew on their faces and then Daddy carved them according to their requests. :)

IMG 9976

IMG 9977


Foster’s pumpkin is on the left, Emma’s is on the right.  Foster’s straight mouth cracks me up!

IMG 9984

IMG 9986

Foster’s First Fieldtrip

Foster’s first field trip was on October 23rd.  We went with his class to Southern Hills Methodist Church’s Pumpkin Patch.  It was really fun for me to watch Foster interact with some of his friends from school (that I’ve been hearing about for several months!)

Her is a class photo…


IMG 0074


IMG 0077


Good buddies: Nicolas and Foster

IMG 0068


IMG 0079


Picking out a pumpkin to take home

IMG 5959


IMG 5960


Cash came along and did fabulous- he just hung out in the stroller!

IMG 0067


IMG 5963


Lathan and Foster

IMG 5970


The three amigos…

IMG 5975

IMG 5979


Snack time
IMG 5980


Here’s a little pic to prove that Mommy was there too. :)

IMG 5988

Pumpkin Patch

This year we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with our good friends.  We had such a great time! 

Here are Aubrey and Emma racing to the patch…

IMG 6099


and here are Foster and Landon… how adorable is it that they are holding hands???

IMG 6104


oh my!  They look like teenagers!

IMG 6115

IMG 6121


The following pictures are in no particular order… some were taken by me, some by Robin, and some by Jamey. :)

IMG 9732


IMG 9748

IMG 6141


IMG 6166

IMG 6182

IMG 6259

IMG 6270

IMG 6310

IMG 6348

IMG 6352

IMG 6357

IMG 6367

IMG 6371

IMG 6391

IMG 6393

IMG 9756

IMG 9759

IMG 9776

IMG 9812

IMG 9862

IMG 9884

IMG 9920


Here are the pumpkins that we purchased to take home.  We ended up using Cash’s stroller to haul our pumpkins!

IMG 9933


The kids loved playing in the corn maze and “haunted house.”  It was difficult to convince them that it was time to leave!

IMG 9940