9 month pictures

At the beginning of October I needed to get a good picture of Cash for his “Baby Dedication” photo that would go in our church bulletin.  I took him in our front yard one morning while the big kids were at school and got some cute shots of him.  I included some of the outtakes here because I love them too.  This little man has so much personality!  These were taken when he was a little over 9 months old.  

IMG 0489  1

IMG 0476  1

IMG 0514


This picture really cracks me up… he does this smile a lot. :)  

IMG 0522


IMG 0530  1


This is the picture that I used for the church bulletin.  

IMG 0547  1


IMG 0563  1


IMG 0579


Clearly, he is getting tired of taking pictures here!

IMG 0592


About to lose his mind!

IMG 0599


IMG 0601


Finally fell out of the chair. :)

IMG 0614


He had to get to that leaf!

IMG 0616

IMG 0627

IMG 0635

IMG 0655  1


I could tell as soon as he saw the pumpkin that he wanted to put the stem in his mouth… he totally went for it!

IMG 0666


IMG 0670


IMG 0676

I love him so much.  

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