Cowgirl Birthday Party

Emma was invited to her good friend, Rowan’s birthday party at a horse stable in West Tulsa.  She was SO excited to go and couldn’t stop talking about it for days before the party.  On the day of the party it started storming but we were glad to find out that the party was still on.  We drove to West Tulsa through lightning and fierce winds and Mommy was getting a little nervous that we were going to get stuck in mud puddles on dirty roads.  Luckily we finally made it to the party!  

Emma was so excited to see some of her good friends from her class as soon as we got there.  I loved the location for the party.  The stables were by far the cleanest horse stables I’ve ever seen!  The girls were free to just roam and talk to the horses. 

IMG 0436

IMG 0439


The horse keepers talked to the girls about caring for the horses, grooming them, feeding them, etc.  When it came time for the girls to get to brush the horses themselves Emma totally freaked out!  She clung to my leg and wouldn’t budge!  She is almost 7 years old!  She’s never had a bad experience with horses!  I’m not sure where her fear came from but she refused to touch the horses or ride them!  Each girl got 2 rides on the horse but Emma chose not to ride.  I was so sad for her because I know she’d regret her decision later.    I almost rode the horse in her place because it looked like a lot of fun!

IMG 0453


Here is Emma hanging out her friend, Nina.  They had a yummy Chick-Fil-A lunch along with cake and ice cream. 

IMG 0454


Ironically, a week after the party Emma told me that she wanted to be a Cowgirl for Halloween!  REALLY????  You are scared of horses but you want to be a cowgirl??  Emma has always been hot and cold about certain things.  She has always been timid, “slow to warm up,” and you just never know when she is going to be brave and outgoing and when she is going to fold.  I love her to pieces and wouldn’t change a thing about her.  She always keep me guessing!  

IMG 0441

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