Foster and Cash in the leaves

I felt badly for leaving Cash out of the previous leaf pictures so one weekday after running errands I just plopped Cash and Foster down in the leaves in the front yard for some pictures!  Cash loved it.  

IMG 1535

IMG 1586


IMG 1538

IMG 1539


Foster lovingly pulling Cash towards him. :)

IMG 1542


Brotherly love

IMG 1554

IMG 1555

IMG 1556

IMG 1557

IMG 1564

IMG 1565


This would be Cash with an acorn in his mouth.  Don’t worry- I quickly got it out of his mouth.  He never actually tries to swallow things like this, he just loves to put them in his mouth!

IMG 1567


Playing with leaves…
IMG 1568

IMG 1569

IMG 1570

IMG 1571

IMG 1572

IMG 1574

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