Surprising Daddy at work!

Over Fall Break I asked the kids what they wanted to do for fun and Emma had the idea to go surprise Daddy at work!  His company recently moved to a new office space and none of us had seen it yet.  (Don’t tell the kids but I did check with Robin to make sure it was ok that we come… I had to give him a heads-up!)

We picked up my Mom after her parent-teacher conferences so she could see Robin’s office as well. 

Here are the kids in the elevator on the way up to his office.  Do they look nervous and excited or what!?

IMG 0049

IMG 0050



IMG 0051

IMG 0052


Robin is standing in front of the “V” on the sign… “Vitals’” new office space!

IMG 0053  1


Here are the kids with Daddy at his desk.  

IMG 0055


After getting a little tour of his office and meeting some of his co-workers we took him to lunch at The Atlas Grill.  It was so yummy and the owners were so nice- I highly recommend this Tulsa

lunch spot! 

IMG 0056

IMG 0057

IMG 0058

IMG 0060

This was a great way to start our Fall Break- what a fun morning!

Cash’s Baby Dedication

Cash’s baby dedication took place on October 13, 2013 at our church.  We wanted to have the dedication on a Sunday when Robin’s parents would be in town and they had planned to come that weekend so the date was set. 

Our church photographer, Doug Brush, took this picture of our family on stage during the dedication.  

Cash Franklin Curry  1 of 1

The verse that we chose for Cash’s dedication was the following:

Joshua 1:9 “Be bold and courageous.  Do not be afraid.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  We chose this verse for several reasons.  First, we can already tell that Cash is a very bold young man.  He is very independent and appears to live life with much gusto!  We love that about him.  We pray that he always lives his life with boldness and courage.  Secondly, this is the verse that I clung to as I lay on the floor giving birth to him at home!  During my most fearful hour, this verse came to me and comforted me in a huge way… the LORD IS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO.  We pray that Cash always feel the Lord’s presence in his life.  

Here are a few pictures of our family at home before heading to the church…

IMG 9543

IMG 9547

IMG 9552


Emma is always so sweet to Cash.

IMG 9556

IMG 9558

IMG 9566  1

IMG 9576  1


The following pictures were taken after the Dedication.  Here is Cash with Pops and Gigi!

IMG 9592  1


The Foster family: Nana, Foster, Uncle Boom, Emma, Jill, Cash, Aunt Judy, Christi, and Ron

IMG 9623  1


Nana, Mommy, Judy, and Cash

IMG 9626

IMG 9628  1

IMG 9631


This picture really cracks me up… Doug Brush took this picture of our family taking our picture!  They look like the paparazzi!  What did we do before cell phone cameras?

Curry Family Photos


Cash with Pastor Ted.  We are so thankful this wonderful shepherd of our church.  He is a wonderful leader. 

IMG 9642

IMG 9643  1

IMG 9646

IMG 9649  1


9 month pictures

At the beginning of October I needed to get a good picture of Cash for his “Baby Dedication” photo that would go in our church bulletin.  I took him in our front yard one morning while the big kids were at school and got some cute shots of him.  I included some of the outtakes here because I love them too.  This little man has so much personality!  These were taken when he was a little over 9 months old.  

IMG 0489  1

IMG 0476  1

IMG 0514


This picture really cracks me up… he does this smile a lot. :)  

IMG 0522


IMG 0530  1


This is the picture that I used for the church bulletin.  

IMG 0547  1


IMG 0563  1


IMG 0579


Clearly, he is getting tired of taking pictures here!

IMG 0592


About to lose his mind!

IMG 0599


IMG 0601


Finally fell out of the chair. :)

IMG 0614


He had to get to that leaf!

IMG 0616

IMG 0627

IMG 0635

IMG 0655  1


I could tell as soon as he saw the pumpkin that he wanted to put the stem in his mouth… he totally went for it!

IMG 0666


IMG 0670


IMG 0676

I love him so much.  

September iphone pics

Here are just a few random pictures from my iPhone during the month of September…

Cash is SUCH a mess.  He is super laid back and really happy baby but he is ORNERY!  I opened the front door to let Emma go get the mail and he very quickly escaped out the front door.  Where did he think he was going??? Bye bye Cash!  

IMG 5752

IMG 5753


We had Aubrey and Landon over for a play date one evening.  I love how these kids play with one another like brothers and sisters.  Here are the boys in Foster’s room.  Foster and Landon were so sweet to let Cash play with them. 

IMG 5757


And here are the girls.  Dress up never gets old!  Notice their matching Kit dolls. :)

IMG 5755


The kids are still loving our swings in our backyard.  Happy boys!

IMG 5784

IMG 5790

Cowgirl Birthday Party

Emma was invited to her good friend, Rowan’s birthday party at a horse stable in West Tulsa.  She was SO excited to go and couldn’t stop talking about it for days before the party.  On the day of the party it started storming but we were glad to find out that the party was still on.  We drove to West Tulsa through lightning and fierce winds and Mommy was getting a little nervous that we were going to get stuck in mud puddles on dirty roads.  Luckily we finally made it to the party!  

Emma was so excited to see some of her good friends from her class as soon as we got there.  I loved the location for the party.  The stables were by far the cleanest horse stables I’ve ever seen!  The girls were free to just roam and talk to the horses. 

IMG 0436

IMG 0439


The horse keepers talked to the girls about caring for the horses, grooming them, feeding them, etc.  When it came time for the girls to get to brush the horses themselves Emma totally freaked out!  She clung to my leg and wouldn’t budge!  She is almost 7 years old!  She’s never had a bad experience with horses!  I’m not sure where her fear came from but she refused to touch the horses or ride them!  Each girl got 2 rides on the horse but Emma chose not to ride.  I was so sad for her because I know she’d regret her decision later.    I almost rode the horse in her place because it looked like a lot of fun!

IMG 0453


Here is Emma hanging out her friend, Nina.  They had a yummy Chick-Fil-A lunch along with cake and ice cream. 

IMG 0454


Ironically, a week after the party Emma told me that she wanted to be a Cowgirl for Halloween!  REALLY????  You are scared of horses but you want to be a cowgirl??  Emma has always been hot and cold about certain things.  She has always been timid, “slow to warm up,” and you just never know when she is going to be brave and outgoing and when she is going to fold.  I love her to pieces and wouldn’t change a thing about her.  She always keep me guessing!  

IMG 0441