Pumpkin carving

On Friday, October 23rd we had some friends over for pizza and pumpkin carving!  Kinslee, Emma, Foster, and Jeremiah had a great time carving pumpkins… while the babies (Kenna and Cash) had a great time watching.  

IMG 9947

IMG 9948

IMG 9959

I love it that Foster decided to play with his cars on the table in the middle of pumping carving. His cars are ALWAYS present and involved in whatever activity we are doing!

IMG 9963

IMG 9964

IMG 9967

IMG 9968

IMG 9970


The kids drew on their faces and then Daddy carved them according to their requests. :)

IMG 9976

IMG 9977


Foster’s pumpkin is on the left, Emma’s is on the right.  Foster’s straight mouth cracks me up!

IMG 9984

IMG 9986

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