September iphone pics

Here are just a few random pictures from my iPhone during the month of September…

Cash is SUCH a mess.  He is super laid back and really happy baby but he is ORNERY!  I opened the front door to let Emma go get the mail and he very quickly escaped out the front door.  Where did he think he was going??? Bye bye Cash!  

IMG 5752

IMG 5753


We had Aubrey and Landon over for a play date one evening.  I love how these kids play with one another like brothers and sisters.  Here are the boys in Foster’s room.  Foster and Landon were so sweet to let Cash play with them. 

IMG 5757


And here are the girls.  Dress up never gets old!  Notice their matching Kit dolls. :)

IMG 5755


The kids are still loving our swings in our backyard.  Happy boys!

IMG 5784

IMG 5790

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