Surprising Daddy at work!

Over Fall Break I asked the kids what they wanted to do for fun and Emma had the idea to go surprise Daddy at work!  His company recently moved to a new office space and none of us had seen it yet.  (Don’t tell the kids but I did check with Robin to make sure it was ok that we come… I had to give him a heads-up!)

We picked up my Mom after her parent-teacher conferences so she could see Robin’s office as well. 

Here are the kids in the elevator on the way up to his office.  Do they look nervous and excited or what!?

IMG 0049

IMG 0050



IMG 0051

IMG 0052


Robin is standing in front of the “V” on the sign… “Vitals’” new office space!

IMG 0053  1


Here are the kids with Daddy at his desk.  

IMG 0055


After getting a little tour of his office and meeting some of his co-workers we took him to lunch at The Atlas Grill.  It was so yummy and the owners were so nice- I highly recommend this Tulsa

lunch spot! 

IMG 0056

IMG 0057

IMG 0058

IMG 0060

This was a great way to start our Fall Break- what a fun morning!

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