Trunk or Treat

This year we decided to go to Trunk or Treat, a very fun Fall costume event at Foster’s school.  I just took the 2 big kids and Robin stayed home while Cash napped.  Here are Cowgirl Emma and Top Gun Foster.  This was their first time to get to wear their Halloween costumes for the week.  

IMG 0044


IMG 0047


Foster was very excited to see some of his good buddies from school.  They stayed on this bounce house slide forever!  They went on it over and over again.  Here are Foster and Lathan going down the slide!

IMG 0019


IMG 0022

IMG 0023


IMG 0033


Then it was Emma’s turn to go with Foster.  She begged him to go with her.  Once they got to the top, he didn’t wait for her- he slid down before her! 

IMG 0034


IMG 0035


IMG 0036


IMG 0037


Here is Foster with his good buddy, Caleb.  I went to grade school, high school, and college with his Daddy, Joe.  Very interesting how things have come full circle and now our sons are friends!  

IMG 0009


Foster with his other good friend, Lathan.

IMG 0014


The hit of the night for Foster was the Fun Bus- he loved it!

IMG 0005

IMG 0007

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