The kids were off school for Martin Luther King Day so we decided to take advantage of the 60 degree weather in January… we went to the park!  Once we got there it was a little bit windier than we were expecting but we still had a great time.  Judy and Nana came along for the fun adventure!

IMG 4545

IMG 4555  1

IMG 4564

IMG 4567

IMG 4572

IMG 4575

IMG 4586

IMG 4589  1

IMG 4588

IMG 4596

IMG 4619

IMG 4628

IMG 4633

IMG 4647

IMG 4657

IMG 4663

IMG 4669

IMG 4696


Cash LOVED the swings!

IMG 4707  1

IMG 4712

IMG 4721

IMG 4731

IMG 4770

IMG 4794

IMG 4796

IMG 4824  1
IMG 4843

IMG 4881


Nana kept trying to keep Cash’s ears warm. :)

IMG 4872
IMG 4883

Soccer Camp

Over the Winter Break we enrolled Emma and Foster in soccer camp at soccer city.   Nana paid for half and we paid for the other half.  

This was Foster’s first time to do any activity like this and he absolutely loved it!  Emma has played one season of soccer and we thought a week of camp might help her improve her skills before starting the Spring season.  They were excited to go to camp together.  Emma had a rough time going the 2nd and 3rd days- she said she didn’t want to go.  After we got her though there, she did ok.  



The age ranges for the camp was very wide!  I think it was for ages 3-14.  They started as a big group and then broke off into smaller groups by ages.  

IMG 4429

IMG 4431

IMG 4441

IMG 4446

IMG 4447

IMG 4452

IMG 4454

IMG 4483


Every time they played a game like Car Lot, Emma and Foster always chased each other. :)

IMG 4487

IMG 4500
IMG 4509

IMG 4512

IMG 4525

IMG 4542

Overall I would say that the camp was a good experience.  I’m guessing we couldn’t talk Emma into going again but you never know! 

Curry Family Pictures

While we were in Texas Robin’s parents wanted to get some family pictures taken since we were ALL together!  A photographer from their church was nice enough to meet us 2 days after Christmas to take some pictures at their church.  Here is the entire Curry crew.  All 15 of us! 

MG 3305



Our familyMG 3333


Pops and Gigi with their Grandkids

MG 3384


This is the entire family with Gigi’s parents, Great-GrandMom and Great-Granddad.  They are so special to us and we were so glad we got to spend some time with them at Christmas.  I always love a good 4 generation family picture! 

MG 3418


The 4 oldest Grandkids: Lylah (will be 4 in 2 weeks), Emma (7), Zane (4), Foster (4)

MG 3437


Pops and Gigi- we are SO thankful for the Legacy they have established for their family.  They are kind, generous, Christian examples for all of us.  

MG 3443

Curry Christmas

The day after Christmas we traveled to Texas to spend time with Robin’s family.  It was WILD!  Picture 17 people in one house, including 7 kids 7 and under. ;)  It was nuts!  I didn’t even take any pictures of the gift unwrapping- I was on stimulus overload!  

Here is a sweet picture of Robin talking to his Granddad over lunch one day.  

IMG 4379


And here are Uncle Craig and Foster sitting at the dining room table talking about cars.  Robin often says that Foster reminds him of his brother Craig.  Craig was very into cars when he was little. 

IMG 4386

IMG 4388

IMG 4389

IMG 4393


IMG 4394


One night after all of the kids went to bed the grown ups got to play a game!  We played “Headbanz.”  It was so fun.  These are not flattering pictures- but good memories!  Only one not pictured is Robin- that’s not fair- he was taking the pictures! 

IMG 4396

IMG 4398

IMG 4401

IMG 4402

IMG 4406

Christmas at Nana’s house

After we did Christmas morning at our house we went to Nana’s house.  The kids were so excited to get there!  

IMG 4145


Nana and Cash!

IMG 4151


I really wish I had gotten a picture of all of the awesome gifts that the kids got but I didn’t take very many pictures.  I must have been too busy chasing Cash!  The kids got so many wonderful gifts from Nana, Judy, Ron, Christi, Sara, and Haley.  

IMG 4285

IMG 4194


Emma giving a gift to Nana

IMG 4211


Emma and Judy

IMG 4158


Foster got an awesome new OU ball cap- this ball cap helped OU win the Alabama bowl game. :)

IMG 4253


Emma opening some new headbands from Aunt Judy

IMG 4313


Foster’s new umbrella

IMG 4365


Emma eating her Christmas dinner with her new doll sitting in a chair next to her. :)

IMG 4377

Christmas Morning!

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with our little family.  The kids woke up early, but not TOO early.  We came to the living room to see what Santa left around 7:30am.  

Emma was so excited to find ANOTHER American Girl doll from Santa- she had asked for a doll with BROWN hair.  So now she has one with brown hair and one with blonde hair.  She loves them both equally. :)  

IMG 4002


Foster was very excited to find a Cowboys helmet and uniform!  

IMG 3993


Both kids got new piggy banks- they were very excited about these.  Emma’s piggy bank is one that can be decorated with dry erase markers…

IMG 4019


Foster’s piggy bank was a Superman pig! 

IMG 4028


The kids BIG gifts from us (and a surprise for them) was our old iPhones.  We got new iPhones for us the week before Christmas and rather than selling our old ones we decided to pass them along to the kids.  We thought about just giving one to Emma.  It seemed a little nuts to give a 4 year old and iPhone BUT we knew Foster would be so sad and he would always want to play with Emma’s phone, so he got one too!   Obviously we have quite a few rules regarding the phones- they are only for games, puzzles, and pictures, etc.  They do not take them out of the house and we limit the amount of time they are on them.  Emma does know how to text on it to our phones so that has been kind of fun and funny.  When I am at work, I love getting sweet texts from Emma. :)  

Honestly, giving them their own phones has helped us tremendously because before they both always fought over using our phones, now we are able to actually use our own phones!   I am amazed at the way technology has evolved in the last 10 years.  I worry about it.  But I also think it is amazing to see kids so quickly learn and adapt to the new technology.  

IMG 4054

IMG 4063


Of course Foster needed some new hot wheels cars- he only has hundreds of them already! 

IMG 4093


Cash joining in on the Christmas morning fun! 

IMG 4096


I really could not think of what to get a 1 year old for Christmas!  He already has everything he needs!  Two days before Christmas I got this ball pit from Walmart.  He loved it!  He sits inside of it and thinks he is hiding from us.  And he LOVES the balls. 

IMG 4119


Foster also got a knight costume.  I figured when Emma’s friends come over they always dress up and now Foster has a “manly” costume to dress up in as well. 

IMG 4137


Emma with her two AG dolls. 

IMG 4144

Christmas Eve

Every year I feel like the magic of Christmas just blossoms even more with our kids.  Emma and Foster are very into the few Christmas traditions we have established and this was the first year Cash was really awake to experience the fun!  

Here are a few pictures of Cash on his 2nd actual Christmas- last year he was a newborn. :)

IMG 3844

IMG 3852

IMG 3855


Taking of picture of all 3 kids was rather humorous! 

IMG 3871

IMG 3878

IMG 3881

IMG 3892


Each year we leave cookies for Santa with a letter written by Emma…. this year she put a LOT of thought into what to say to Santa! 

IMG 3902


I love this series of pictures…

IMG 3911

IMG 3913

IMG 3917

IMG 3922

IMG 3923

IMG 3927

IMG 3928


Leaving cookies for Santa on the fireplace

IMG 3935  1

IMG 3934

IMG 3968

IMG 3971


Before going to bed Emma read the book “The Night Before Christmas” to all of us.  Usually Robin reads it but this year Emma read the whole thing to us- she is growing up!!!
IMG 3981  1

IMG 3984

IMG 3989

Foster’s School Christmas Program

Foster’s school Christmas program was on Wednesday, December 18th (Emma’s Birthday!)  

The program was so adorable and we were so proud of Foster for smiling so sweet and singing all of the songs on stage.  Both Mommy and Daddy were able to be there for this special day.  Here are a few pictures from the program…Foster is at the very top left

IMG 3703

IMG 3759


After the program we took a couple of pictures of Foster and his buddies.  Here are: Nicolas, Foster, and Lathan

IMG 3774


Nicolas and Foster

IMG 3780


Sweet 4 year old Foster

IMG 3789
IMG 3795


After the program, taking some pictures by the Nativity Scene

IMG 3805

IMG 3813

Foster getting a “high-five” from his teacher Mrs. Fondell, we love her! 
IMG 3819
Mommy and Foster
IMG 3825
After the program Mommy and Foster went a little date since I had gotten a babysitter for Cash.  We went to Louie’s and had a nice little lunch together.  I cherish one-on-time with this precious boy.  
IMG 3834

E and F pictures after church

Sunday evening after we got home from the Choir program Emma and Foster asked me to take their pictures in our dining room… of course I said yes!  

IMG 3618


Posing like a teenager!

IMG 3620


Foster was being SO silly, I don’t think he made a serious face for one single picture. :)  This is pretty much his personality these days.  

IMG 3623

IMG 3627

IMG 3625


I don’t think I’ve ever seen them actually kiss before… kind of weird… but I was happy to capture it on camera. :)

IMG 3640

IMG 3646

IMG 3656

IMG 3662


I love these two so so much. 

IMG 3671

IMG 3676

Christmas Children’s Choir Program

Our Christmas Children’s Choir Program was on Sunday evening, December 15th. Emma is in the 1st grade choir and Foster is in the 3 year old choir.  I am helping with Foster’s class this year and I’ve had such a good time with him!  

Some of these pictures were taken during the quick rehearsal right before the program and some were taken during the actual program.  

Emma’s group sang: “Ring in Advent,” “Alle, Alleluia,” and “Christmas Joy” 

IMG 3480

IMG 3503


1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade choirs singing together…

IMG 3518

IMG 3522

IMG 3526


Foster was so adorable when he went on stage.  He is still pretty new at the whole “performing” thing and he gets so bashful!  

IMG 3540


Foster and his good buddy, Brody:

IMG 3545


Here I am pointing out where our family was sitting- he was excited to see Daddy taking pictures! 

IMG 3546

IMG 3555

IMG 3561


Foster’s choir sang: “Alleluia! Jesus Christ is Born”, and “Come and See the Baby.”  

IMG 3581

IMG 3588