Cash’s 1st Birthday Party

As if having a Birthday party at our house for Emma (with 12 girls) wasn’t enough excitement for one day, we decided to have Cash’s 1 year party that evening!  Their Birthdays are exactly one week apart and December 14th fell right smack in the middle.  I figured it would be easiest to clean the house thoroughly ONCE than clean it 2 weeks in a row. :)  I needed to do it the 14th instead of the 21st so that I could have at least 10 days to prepare for Christmas.  Oh the joys of having 3 Winter Birthdays!  We also celebrated Emma’s Birthday with family at Cash’s party.  When I talked to her about celebrating her Birthday with family she said, “Can I PLEASE just share a party with Cash?”  Well of course!

When I started thinking about a theme for Cash’s 1st Birthday party, I didn’t have to think very long…. I knew I wanted to have a firetruck/fireman theme since Firemen helped him enter this world!  I didn’t go over the top for Cash’s Birthday.  I ordered the cake at Walmart the day before the party and I picked up Rex’s chicken for the meal.  We just invited family.

My friend, Krista, let me borrow her “ONE” sign that she made for her little boy’s 1st B-day party.  I had several of my favorite pictures of Cash on display for his party.  I’m a little nuts about pictures.

IMG 3300

IMG 3291


IMG 3309  1


My good friend, Candace, made these adorable cookies for Cash’s parties.  She amazes me, she can make ANYTHING!  I love that she put his name on some of them and a “1” on some of them.  What a special addition to his party.  They are so yummy.  I must admit that I ate 3 of them while decorating for the party…. oops.

IMG 3467  1


IMG 3470

IMG 3473


Aunt Judy, Nana, and Cash- he is one LOVED little boy

IMG 3312


IMG 3315


Mommy and Cash

IMG 3332  1


Uncle Ron and Cash

IMG 3334


Here is the crew eating dinner

IMG 3337


Robin made a video for Cash’s 1 year Birthday- he has done this with each of our kids and it is so so special.  Emma and Foster still ask to watch their video on a regular basis.  We always watch it at the child’s 1st B-day party.  Here is Cash ‘watching’ his video. :)

IMG 3351


Gift time!  Cash got so many nice gifts!

IMG 3356

IMG 3368

IMG 3394


Emma opening her Rainbow Loom bracelet maker…

IMG 3386

IMG 3419


After Emma and Cash opened gifts we sang to both of them and lit their Birthday candles…

IMG 3427

IMG 3429


Cash did not dive into his cake like I thought he might…the dents you see in the cake are from me trying to entice him to eat it!  :)

IMG 3431


I love these pictures of Foster behind Cash- he is photobombing Cash’s 1st Birthday cake-eating pics!

IMG 3436  1

IMG 3445


One of Cash’s gifts- a giraffe ride on toy!

IMG 3450

IMG 3453


Cash started really started acting like a ham towards the end of the night- I think he realized the party was about him and he really enjoyed the attention!

IMG 3455  1

IMG 3458

Thank you Nana, Judy, and Ron for helping us celebrate!  We are so proud of our big 1 year old!

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