Christmas at Nana’s house

After we did Christmas morning at our house we went to Nana’s house.  The kids were so excited to get there!  

IMG 4145


Nana and Cash!

IMG 4151


I really wish I had gotten a picture of all of the awesome gifts that the kids got but I didn’t take very many pictures.  I must have been too busy chasing Cash!  The kids got so many wonderful gifts from Nana, Judy, Ron, Christi, Sara, and Haley.  

IMG 4285

IMG 4194


Emma giving a gift to Nana

IMG 4211


Emma and Judy

IMG 4158


Foster got an awesome new OU ball cap- this ball cap helped OU win the Alabama bowl game. :)

IMG 4253


Emma opening some new headbands from Aunt Judy

IMG 4313


Foster’s new umbrella

IMG 4365


Emma eating her Christmas dinner with her new doll sitting in a chair next to her. :)

IMG 4377

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