Christmas Children’s Choir Program

Our Christmas Children’s Choir Program was on Sunday evening, December 15th. Emma is in the 1st grade choir and Foster is in the 3 year old choir.  I am helping with Foster’s class this year and I’ve had such a good time with him!  

Some of these pictures were taken during the quick rehearsal right before the program and some were taken during the actual program.  

Emma’s group sang: “Ring in Advent,” “Alle, Alleluia,” and “Christmas Joy” 

IMG 3480

IMG 3503


1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade choirs singing together…

IMG 3518

IMG 3522

IMG 3526


Foster was so adorable when he went on stage.  He is still pretty new at the whole “performing” thing and he gets so bashful!  

IMG 3540


Foster and his good buddy, Brody:

IMG 3545


Here I am pointing out where our family was sitting- he was excited to see Daddy taking pictures! 

IMG 3546

IMG 3555

IMG 3561


Foster’s choir sang: “Alleluia! Jesus Christ is Born”, and “Come and See the Baby.”  

IMG 3581

IMG 3588

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