Christmas Eve

Every year I feel like the magic of Christmas just blossoms even more with our kids.  Emma and Foster are very into the few Christmas traditions we have established and this was the first year Cash was really awake to experience the fun!  

Here are a few pictures of Cash on his 2nd actual Christmas- last year he was a newborn. :)

IMG 3844

IMG 3852

IMG 3855


Taking of picture of all 3 kids was rather humorous! 

IMG 3871

IMG 3878

IMG 3881

IMG 3892


Each year we leave cookies for Santa with a letter written by Emma…. this year she put a LOT of thought into what to say to Santa! 

IMG 3902


I love this series of pictures…

IMG 3911

IMG 3913

IMG 3917

IMG 3922

IMG 3923

IMG 3927

IMG 3928


Leaving cookies for Santa on the fireplace

IMG 3935  1

IMG 3934

IMG 3968

IMG 3971


Before going to bed Emma read the book “The Night Before Christmas” to all of us.  Usually Robin reads it but this year Emma read the whole thing to us- she is growing up!!!
IMG 3981  1

IMG 3984

IMG 3989

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