Christmas Morning!

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with our little family.  The kids woke up early, but not TOO early.  We came to the living room to see what Santa left around 7:30am.  

Emma was so excited to find ANOTHER American Girl doll from Santa- she had asked for a doll with BROWN hair.  So now she has one with brown hair and one with blonde hair.  She loves them both equally. :)  

IMG 4002


Foster was very excited to find a Cowboys helmet and uniform!  

IMG 3993


Both kids got new piggy banks- they were very excited about these.  Emma’s piggy bank is one that can be decorated with dry erase markers…

IMG 4019


Foster’s piggy bank was a Superman pig! 

IMG 4028


The kids BIG gifts from us (and a surprise for them) was our old iPhones.  We got new iPhones for us the week before Christmas and rather than selling our old ones we decided to pass them along to the kids.  We thought about just giving one to Emma.  It seemed a little nuts to give a 4 year old and iPhone BUT we knew Foster would be so sad and he would always want to play with Emma’s phone, so he got one too!   Obviously we have quite a few rules regarding the phones- they are only for games, puzzles, and pictures, etc.  They do not take them out of the house and we limit the amount of time they are on them.  Emma does know how to text on it to our phones so that has been kind of fun and funny.  When I am at work, I love getting sweet texts from Emma. :)  

Honestly, giving them their own phones has helped us tremendously because before they both always fought over using our phones, now we are able to actually use our own phones!   I am amazed at the way technology has evolved in the last 10 years.  I worry about it.  But I also think it is amazing to see kids so quickly learn and adapt to the new technology.  

IMG 4054

IMG 4063


Of course Foster needed some new hot wheels cars- he only has hundreds of them already! 

IMG 4093


Cash joining in on the Christmas morning fun! 

IMG 4096


I really could not think of what to get a 1 year old for Christmas!  He already has everything he needs!  Two days before Christmas I got this ball pit from Walmart.  He loved it!  He sits inside of it and thinks he is hiding from us.  And he LOVES the balls. 

IMG 4119


Foster also got a knight costume.  I figured when Emma’s friends come over they always dress up and now Foster has a “manly” costume to dress up in as well. 

IMG 4137


Emma with her two AG dolls. 

IMG 4144

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