Curry Christmas

The day after Christmas we traveled to Texas to spend time with Robin’s family.  It was WILD!  Picture 17 people in one house, including 7 kids 7 and under. ;)  It was nuts!  I didn’t even take any pictures of the gift unwrapping- I was on stimulus overload!  

Here is a sweet picture of Robin talking to his Granddad over lunch one day.  

IMG 4379


And here are Uncle Craig and Foster sitting at the dining room table talking about cars.  Robin often says that Foster reminds him of his brother Craig.  Craig was very into cars when he was little. 

IMG 4386

IMG 4388

IMG 4389

IMG 4393


IMG 4394


One night after all of the kids went to bed the grown ups got to play a game!  We played “Headbanz.”  It was so fun.  These are not flattering pictures- but good memories!  Only one not pictured is Robin- that’s not fair- he was taking the pictures! 

IMG 4396

IMG 4398

IMG 4401

IMG 4402

IMG 4406

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