Curry Family Pictures

While we were in Texas Robin’s parents wanted to get some family pictures taken since we were ALL together!  A photographer from their church was nice enough to meet us 2 days after Christmas to take some pictures at their church.  Here is the entire Curry crew.  All 15 of us! 

MG 3305



Our familyMG 3333


Pops and Gigi with their Grandkids

MG 3384


This is the entire family with Gigi’s parents, Great-GrandMom and Great-Granddad.  They are so special to us and we were so glad we got to spend some time with them at Christmas.  I always love a good 4 generation family picture! 

MG 3418


The 4 oldest Grandkids: Lylah (will be 4 in 2 weeks), Emma (7), Zane (4), Foster (4)

MG 3437


Pops and Gigi- we are SO thankful for the Legacy they have established for their family.  They are kind, generous, Christian examples for all of us.  

MG 3443

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