Emma and Cash Tutu pictures

When Foster was about 10 months old I did a little photo shoot in Foster’s room with Emma and Foster.  Emma wanted to wear her red tutu and I thought it was a fantastic idea.  If you’d like to revisit that blog post you can click here.  Here are a couple of the pictures from that day…


I thought it would be fun to re-create this photo shoot with Emma and Cash.  Ironically, I took the pictures on a day that Emma stayed home from school because she was sick.  I needed to take the pictures when Foster was at school and I had Emma and Cash at home… I knew Foster wouldn’t understand why he didn’t get to be in the pictures too!  The picture quality is definitely better in the second set of pictures.  People always say that Cash and Foster look identical… I see so many differences! 
IMG 2571  1
IMG 2503  1
Cash was not nearly as cooperative during his photo shoot as Foster was at that age!  The second I would try to sit him in the chair or next to Emma, he would either dive off the chair or crawl away. :)
IMG 2509
Emma got really good at “restraining” Cash by holding his arms for the pictures! 
IMG 2519  1
IMG 2526
IMG 2535  1
Robin and I say it all the time.. Cash as a baby reminds us SO much of Emma when she was a baby.  They are both “spirited.”  They rarely sit still, always moving, very strong.  Changing Cash’s diaper and changing Emma’s diaper at this age is like wrestling a wild baboon!  They are also both very inquisitive, some people refer to it as “nosy.”  They both watch everything that is going on around them and feel like they need to know what is going on with everyone in the room.  
IMG 2541  1
IMG 2543
Bribing Cash with fruit loops. :)
IMG 2564
IMG 2573
IMG 2575  1
IMG 2576
Emma is such an amazing big sister to both of her little brothers.  I honestly feel like God knew that she needed two little brothers.  She is a mother hen in every way.  I adore the way she cares for them. 
IMG 2508

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